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Aug 28, 2014

Six Ways to Fight Tiredness at Work

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Doing your job is the important thing in life, but result is happiness with a bit of tiredness as well. Upon completion of your work time, when you are in home feel bit tiredness. And that would continue till the next day, it is just like a series.

Majority of the people work for hours together at a stretch to meet the deadlines and to complete the work. In this process it is very natural that people get tired and exhausted.

There are some ways you can follow to avoid this let us check them out.

1. Take a break of 5 minutes every one hour, get up from your work place, walk for a while and take deep breath.

2. For the body to function properly and to be active it is necessary that it is supplied with required amount of water, so make it a habit to drink water.

3. Listen to some good piece of relaxing music. There is music for relaxation for motivation for work, check them out and play what you need.

4. There is saying work as if you are playing and play as if you are working, so put your heart into work but do it in a relaxed and happy way.
tiredness at work5. Many times lack of sleep is also one of the reasons that people feel tired at work easily, so make sure that you get enough sleep at home.

6. Lack of proper nutritious and balanced diet can also be a cause of tiredness, so take well balanced and nutritious diet.

But keeping all these things aside love your work your love and passion for the work will make you forget everything else and keep you active.

Work is not a onetime matter when you have to work for hours together every day, it is important that your body is in fit condition and is active.

So, do regular exercises, take healthy diet, maintain a healthy life style and then you will not only get energy to do work for long hours but you will also be more productive.
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Aug 27, 2014

Eye care tips for Tech-addicts!

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Eye care
In an age driven by technology and digitization, it is hard not to become slave to gadgets and machines. Our heavy dependence on digital devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and television is today both a necessity and an addiction. Our Eyes bear a heavy brunt of this tendency, they get tired, and weary; they may become itchy or red.

Mr Shiv Kumar, CEO, Essilor India shares words of wisdom on how to maintain eye health in the electronic age.
  • Routine checkups: Make it a habit to visit an ophthalmologist once a year if you live and breathe on computer and other smart devices. Get your eyes examined and seek advice, particularly if you are experiencing redness or itchiness. Keep checking if your vision needs correction.
  • Reduce glare: Opt for installing anti-glare screen on your monitor and if, possible, paint your walls with a darker color having matte finish to avoid reflections or glare on them. Glare or reflections on walls and computer screen add to the eye strain.
  • Take a break: Working on a computer continuously at a longer stretch can harm your eyes. Do not just stare on the screens for hours at a stretch. Take a few minutes break every hour, take a walk around your office, stretch your arms, body and back. It helps in avoiding vision syndrome and also prevents body ache. Stand up and go for a mini-stroll, this will help in releasing muscle tension as well as eye strain.
  • Use protective lenses in spectacles: Getting the right spectacle lenses will make it easier for you. Contact lenses lose moisture and tend to dry out during prolonged hours of computer work. It will serve you well if you opt for spectacle lenses that gives you protection. Essilor’s Crizal Prevencia is the first lens to offer selective protection against harmful blue light and UV rays that computer and smartphone screens emit. This lens lets in essential light which your eyes need to function properly while filtering out the harmful light.
  • Exercise and relax your eyes: You can follow the palming method. Rub the palms against each other till they get warm and then cup your eyes with your palms for one minute to give them relief. To soothe your eyes from constantly looking at your computer screen, you can follow the “20-20-20” rule. Look away from your computer screen in every 20 minutes for 20 seconds and stare at a distant object.
  • Use proper lightening: You eyes start developing strain because of extra brightness. You can avoid working with fluorescent lights on in your computer. You can use floor lamps for appropriate visibility.
  • Water wonder: Water really can do wonders, you can splash water on your eyes to afresh them and water will help cleansing the fatigue. You are advised to drink water at regular intervals as this will towards reducing the puffiness in your eyes caused due to prolonged working hours while sitting in front of your computer.
  • Sit straight and upright: Inappropriate posture during computer work will contribute towards adding to vision deficiency. Structure your workstation and chair to the coordinating levels. Fix up ergonomic furniture to enable you to position your computer screen 20 to 24 inches from your eyes. The centre focus of the screen should be about 10 to 15 degrees below your eyes to stabilize your neck and head at a right place. You can use a desk lamp but make sure it should not be too bright for your eyes.
  • Healthy diet: Balanced diet enriched with portions of Vitamin A, C and E proves to be the most vital supplement for ensuring eye health. Eat fruits like tomatoes, spinach, green leafy vegetables, kale, citrus and dairy products. Doctors have also recommended intake of fish reach in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and tuna.
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The Effects of Watching TV After Work

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What do you do after going home after a long day’s work? Well, the majority would answer, grab the remote and sit In front of the television.

Right this is what most of the people do, but research says that watching TV after work actually makes you feel like a failure and guilty, you do not actually feel relaxed by watching TV.

The study also says that people who have high stress levels did not feel relaxed by watching TV instead they had feelings of guilt and failure.

Earlier research actually showed that watching TV actually relaxes a person, but now a day’s people are sitting in front of television for more hours instead of using the time productively and usefully.

This leads to guilt that they are wasting time. You may not feel more comfort in front of the tv, while trying to do something productive, on the contrary it would deviate you from your mean stream of work.

This feeling itself does not allow us relax instead leads to the feelings of guilt and failure, this is what research says.
watching tv after work
Around us we also find so many people who forget themselves their duties and responsibilities when they start watching TV.
It is the only thing that matters to them and everything else comes second, such attitude is highly dangerous. As long as you exercise control over yourself everything is good, but when things start controlling you, you are at risk.

So, who’s remote is in whose control? Your remote is in TV’s hand or TV’s remote is in your hands? Time to check.
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Aug 26, 2014

Delhi Bikers Open Arms

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Bikers for Good
New Delhi, August 24, 2014: How many times have you seen a biker hugging a policeman? How many times have you seen a biker thanking him for his diligence, instead of racing away? Today, the 24th of August, the Biker Fraternity did the impossible.

In a one-of-its-kind ride initiated by Bikers for Good, a Motorcycle Community that rides solely for social causes, more than 15 Biking clubs from Delhi came together to send out a message of appreciation and respect for the Delhi Police.

Commenting on the idea behind the ride, Mohit Ahuja, Founder of Bikers for Good said, “The public is there to protest and criticize the police when they fail to do something. We planned this ride to thank them for taking care of the city, through thick and thin.”

The ride saw close to 500 bikers riding to Jantar Mantar riding bikes ranging from 100cc to 1000cc and above. Together the bikers gave a message of responsibility towards safer roads. The admin of Bikers for Good, Jeet Kandhari quoted, “Biking today is growing. Motorcycle Clubs have members who are students, doctors, CEOs and even higher. Doing something like this will only help us better terms between bikers and the police.”

The bikers gathered to thank Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police for their efforts. A huge banner with the club logos was put up, where bikers wrote their messages for the Delhi Police. This banner was later presented to Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, S.H.O., Parliament Street, Delhi. Moreover, Bikers were seen hugging Delhi Police personnel and carrying placards that read FREE HUGS FOR DELHI POLICE.

With this ride, Bikers for Good marked another milestone in its journey of doing GOOD. The only community in India to ride solely for Social Causes, Bikers for Good promotes safety amongst bikers and stands up for various social causes. In less than 3 years of its existence, Bikers for Good has grown to be a 5000 member community across India, helping out more than 3 Lakh people. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility and Bikers for Good is living up to the statement.

For more details, kindly contact:
Aadhar Bhardwaj
Member- Core Team
Bikers for Good
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Disability due to diabetes

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Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics
Noida: With a surge in lifestyle diseases becoming the talking point of health forums and policy discussions in India, diabetes, along with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension has become a central theme of discourse. However, when we talk of diabetes management, the only aspects that are focused are the need to maintain blood glucose levels, good levels of physical activity and weight control.

Little time and energy is devoted to the fact that diabetes is a major cause of amputations, and a lot of effort needs to be put in to ensure that ulcers and injuries do not become gangrenous in diabetics.

“World Diabetes Foundation estimates that 40-70% of all lower limb amputations in the world are related to diabetes and that 85% of all diabetes related amputations begin with a foot ulcer. An overall emphasis on maintaining feet health, remaining alert for anomalies, and using orthotic devices like foot insoles, can go a long way in reducing incidence of amputations and preventing disability in diabetics,” says Mr. Amit Bhanti, Global CEO & Clinical Director, Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO), a company that provides effective solutions for dealing with multiple kinds of disabilities.

“At CPO, we have a especially designed Foot Care program to help prevent foot sores by providing cushioning and support devices for the feet. If used regularly and religiously, these devices can prevent diabetes related foot complications and the resultant disability,” adds Mr Bhanti.

According to World Health Organization, over 340 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. With almost 60 million diabetics*, India today is home to the second largest population of diabetics in the world after China.

Diabetes complications include nerve damage and poor blood circulation, referred to as neuropathy. This makes the feet vulnerable to ulcers that can be extremely dangerous. Many people with diabetes lose sensation in their feet and often fail to recognize skin injuries that may develop into infected ulcers. It is often difficult to treat such skin sores which in some people lead to gangrene and necessitate amputation to save life.

Estimates by the Word Diabetes Foundation also suggest that about 40,000 lower limb amputations take place in India each year, and a large number of them are due to diabetes related complications.

“Along with diabetes prevention, it is hence important to focus on diabetes management mechanisms that include proper foot care. In cases when amputation cannot be avoided, efforts should be made to make the lives of the patients easier with advanced prosthetics. It is important to emphasize that proper diabetes management and foot care can help prevent foot ulcers. In developing countries, a major cause of foot ulcers is unsuitable shoes as well as the habit or the need to walk barefoot,” says Mr. Bhanti.

Diabetic Foot
Diabetic foot is a term used to denote feet-related complications that can arise in a person suffering from diabetes, including infection, ulcers, sores and neuropathy.

Neuropathy or nerve damage leads to loss of sensation and skin injuries often go unrecognized because of this. Due to nerve damage, sometimes changes may also occur in the shape of the feet or toes. The skin of your foot may also be affected due to diabetes. It may become dry or crack, and this may lead to infection. In extreme cases, these situations may necessitate amputation to prevent a gangrenous wound from poisoning the entire body. Sometimes, a non-healing ulcer that causes severe damage to tissues and bone may require surgical removal. Amputation may be minor (removal of toes of feet) or major (above or below the knee amputation of the leg). Amongst people who have diabetes, amputations are reported to be 15 times more common than amongst other people.

“Neuropathy makes your foot insensate to pressure. This is a dangerous situation as it can lead to a micro-trauma and joint injury to your foot which is likely to cause harm. At Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO), our especially designed Foot Care program helps prevent this at the early stages of its development by aligning the foot in a neutral position and distributing the body weight evenly,” says Mr. Bhanti.

Making foot management a crucial part of diabetes management:

Take sores and injuries seriously: There is no way an injury or a skin sore can be ignored. If a foot sore hasn’t healed within a normal duration, immediately contact your doctor.

Use foot insoles and orthoses: Shoe insoles are foot support devices designed to be worn inside the shoe to lend support to your foot and prevent excessive pressure on one area. CPO manufactures custom-made insoles to suit the needs of the patients. They are often made of soft foam like substance and can slip into your shoes to provide cushioning to your feet. These are especially designed to comfortably accommodate a foot, reduce pressure on the sole and toes and keep the feet injury free. They also relieve areas of the feet that usually take excessive pressure. Even if you have been standing or walking for a long time, insoles will provide relief to your feet. For people with diabetes, this is very crucial to prevent injury or sore.

Studies and research have suggested that long term use of foot orthoses like insoles can reduce the incidence of diabetes related amputation. Such devices help reduce pressure on the foot and reduce the risk of sores or ulcers that may be the potential cause of amputation.

CPO Solutions:

CPO utilizes the most advanced technology to take 3D impressions of the patient’s foot. Using a ‘correct and confirm’ software, the scan can be modified to incorporate the necessary biomechanical corrections – making the solution customized as per the foot type. The scanner provides the flexibility to take semi and full weight bearing positions within a few minutes with utmost precision.

About Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics

Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) is a US-based company. Started by Mr Amit Bhanti and Donald Goertzen in 2005 in Illinois, US, the strength of the company lies in designing and creating custom orthotic and prosthetic products using high-end technology.

CPO is an independent private practice accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics. It is the only full service P&O organization, having unmatched products and services.

Currently, the company has 21 clinics in the US and 7 in India. CPO has its own central fabrication unit in the US and India (Delhi). It is the premium provider of all prosthetics and orthotics products and services across India and the US.

The aim of the company is to restore mobility and quality of life to the patients and their families, and in the process become the largest and most successful global O&P Company.

For more information:
Teamwork Communications
Rishi Sinha/Rahul Dhall/Saurabh
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Loveleen Singh wishses Ganesh Chaturthi to Bollywood

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Loveleen Singh
Any Indian festival is like an event for those Indians, who for one or another reason remain outside India on any traditional or national festival. The recently gone Independence Day was also celebrated by all Indians, within and outside the country with great zeal. And now, as the most loved festival of God of wisdom Ganesh- “Ganesh Chaturthi” is coming nearer, all enthusiasts have started preparations of making arrangements of 10 days staying and bidding good-bye of Lord Ganeshji. People are well set to shake their legs on their favourite prayer “Ganpati Bappa Morya- Pudhchya varshi lavkar ya”.

The super model of India Loveleen singh is at present on abroad tour and will not be in India this Ganesh Chaturthi, hence she has wished best wishes to all people associated with bollywood & entertainment world, for this auspicious festival. In a telephonic conversation, she said” I have always enjoyed to be with my family, friends and relatives on Ganesh Chaturthi. The eleven days proceeding of welcome and saying good bye to Lord Ganesha, is really a wonderful tradition of our country. Since due to pre occupation, I will not be in India this Ganesh Chaturthi, I greet my friends, relatives and entire bollywood and entertainment world of India on this grand festival. May Ganpati Bappa shower blessings of happiness on all living people of the world.”

With passing each second, the concepts of films and TV shows making have been changing. Now viewers want to see those films, which provide them moments of relaxations, and not tensions. They want good music, actions, good performances, item numbers and few bold scenes. Loveleen singh, an adorable face from south is competent to do roles of all nature. The talented actress after playing a bubbly girl in south films, wants to enter Bollywood by doing different roles. She is going to shed her girl next door image and ready to give a boldest scene in her debut movie.

Loveleen added ” Acting has been my passion from childhood and I am looking forward to exhibit the same in Bollywood now. I have done many roles in south Indian films and am lucky that viewers have accepted me. Although I have so many offers from South to do more films, but now I want to make my entry in Bollywood, the ultimate destination of every Indian artiste. I am sure that after viewing my performance in tollywood, the bollywood people will offer me roles.”

Coming from a middle class family from Bhopal, Loveleen has been point of attraction in her schools and colleges from teenage. As she never hesitated talking to boys and class teachers, she became popular within no time. She acted in few acts staged at schools and college levels, and it was in 2013 when she was offered to do a south Indian film named ‘Arundhati’. The film was well accepted by viewers and thus her journey of acting started. However she was fed up of doing similar types of roles, but it was in same year, when she got an opportunity to give few bold scenes in film Vaana. Viewers were stunned to see her in this challenging role and wanted to see her performing such roles in upcoming films. Since Loveleen has all requisites to do roles of varied natures, she intends to conquer Bollywood in coming days with her talent and beauty.”

For more information, please contact: Atul Malikram, 09755020247,
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Ten Things That You Should not do with Your Child

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The role of parents in bringing up ‘a child is very important. As there are some do’s and don’ts for everything, parenting also involves some things that you should not do with your child. Every child is different, and needs to be taken care as per the situations, but there are some usual things that parents keep doing, but which should not be done. Let us take a look at those aspects.

1. Many parents force the children and act harsh with them when it comes to education. But instead of making it a night mare for a child they should see that child himself takes initiative to study. Education and learning activities may be fun, if presented in a way that child likes.

2. Today in many cases both the parents go to work and when they are back they are busy with other activities that don’t find time to talk to children. But if you want to know what’s happening in your child’s life and want him to trust you and rely on you then it is very important to spend some quality time with them.

3. Punishment should not be a way of dealing with child. When child does something wrong he behavior should be corrected. If you just keep punishing, fear will overtake his mind and he will be able to do nothing. Whatever you want to convey whatever you want him to do use the language of love, to make things happen.
4. Many parents give children whatever they ask for, they thing they are showing love but it is not right. Children should be given what they need and when they need, they should not be under the impression that whatever I will ask my parents will give, this will only spoil a child.

5. Many children today lead an unhealthy life style, they don’t eat on time, sleep on time nor they go out to play. This is very serious aspect that parents need to act on, they should see that the child takes nutritious and balanced food, leads a healthy life style. He should be encouraged to go out and play involve in other activities that are good for body and mind.

6. Many parents see only the short comings in the child and never see the positive side though they see they do not find it important to mention good things. Most of the time they criticize the child for negative things, this is not at all good every child has some positive aspects and negative ones instead of criticizing him for negative ones he should be encouraged to work on them and improve and every good behavior how small it may be it should be recognized and child should be given credit.

7. As parents we should never ignore a child’s problems or complaints. When he or she comes to us believing in us that we are there for them you should listen to them first and then solve it. Otherwise the child will think that we don’t care for him and will never open up.

8. Sometimes when disciplining a child parents lose their control and start beating or abusing a child, but this is not right this will make a child’s life worse. Violence will not solve problems and instead will make matters worse, so don’t lose your control and set a bad example for the child.

9. Many parents don’t allow child to involve in activities out of over care and affection, they don’t encourage him to learn new things. This is not good for a child’s development, as parents we should take care of child, and protect him but he should also be exposed to all normal things. Otherwise when he has to face a difficult situation he will not be able to withstand it.

10. What you do is more important than what you teach or say when it comes to children. Because children learn more by seeing their parents and other members of the family, their behavior, the way they interact and react etc. So, make sure that you do what you say and set a good example for your child as a parent. Otherwise we will not be able to gain child’s respect and love.
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Aug 25, 2014

Top 10 Haunted Places in India

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Many people like traveling to beautiful places, historical places and adventurous places. But leaving aside all these categories there are also some kind of people who love the dark side, people like ghost hunters and people who want to experience the thrill of visiting some haunted places.

If you willing to visit the following listed haunting places, take help of some travel agencies those offer special package to visit such places.

Check out the following haunted places in India, to know about these places before you could decide to visit.  No matter you believe or not in the ghosts or haunting experiences, but sure those places would enthrall you.

1. Bhangarh Fort : This is located in Rajasthan and is the top most in the list of haunted places. Entering inside the fort or staying inside the fort is strictly prohibited after the sunset.

2. Dumas Beach: This is located in Gujarat, in the past sometime this place was used as burial ground, and there have been many instances where people went missing and disappearing from this beach in mysterious ways. So, this also occupies place in one of the top haunted places.

3. Brijraj Bhawan Palace: This is one of the Royal palaces located in Rajasthan. According to what people believe, British Major Mr. Burton and his son were killed in the palace, this was before India’s Independence and since then their souls have made this palace their home.
Bhangarh Fort
4. Dow Hill: This is located in the beautiful place of Darjeeling. According to the believes of the people many people were murdered in the forest and people keep seeing ghosts in the forest, nearby boarding schools and in the areas that are near the forest.

5. Three Kings Church: This is located in Goa. As the story goes, Three Portuguese kings were living in Goa one of the Kings, King Holger Alvunger, who also wanted to gain power invited the tow other kings and poisoned them. Later on he also he also committed suicide.

6. Writer’s Building: This is located in Kolkata. This building was the official residence of the Junior Writers and Clerks during British rule. According to what local people say Captain Simpson of British East India Company was killed in this building, and his spirit is believed to be roaming here in the building. Though this is the secretariat of the state, people do not stay here after the sunset.

7. Bangalore International Airport: This place is in Bangalore, the technology hub of India. Many of the airport staff have seen her, some on runway and some at some other places in the airport, but whenever someone tries to approach her or help her she immediately disappears.

8. The Shaniwarwada Fort: This is located in Pune. According to what local people say a prince was killed in the fort by his own relatives. Many people say that Para normal activities take place after the sunset in the fort, so no one goes inside the fort after the sunset.

9. Taj Mahal Hotel Palace: This is located in Mumbai; this was constructed by Tata Group and is famous for its outstanding architectural work. According to the belief the architect of the Hotel killed himself in the building as it was not constructed according to his plan. Many people claim to have seen the ghost of the architect in the corridors of the hotel.

10. Agrasen Ki Baoli: This is located in Delhi the capital of India and very near to Jantar Mantar. According to the believes of the local people, the water in the step well, hypnotizes people to commit suicide in the well, as it is filled with black water.

Well, these are only some of the top most haunted places in India. Next time you want to try some adventure, try going to these places.
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Aug 22, 2014

The Huffington Post Partners with The Times of India Group to Launch “Huffington Post India”

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NEW YORK and NEW DELHI, August 21, 2014 -- The Huffington Post Media Group and The Times of India Group, India’s largest media conglomerate, today announced their partnership to launch an Indian edition of The Huffington Post, a leading global source of breaking news, opinion, entertainment, and community.

The English-language website will combine The Huffington Post's award-winning news and blogging platform with the local expertise and reach of The Times of India Group. Targeting India's rapidly expanding Internet user base, which is expected to reach 370 million by 2015, HuffPost India will cover everything from politics, media and entertainment to technology, religion and lifestyle, and open up The Huffington Post’s blogging platform to anyone in the country with a story to tell.

The announcement was jointly made by Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, and Satyan Gajwani, CEO of Times Internet (TIL), the digital arm of The Times of India.

"I'm delighted to launch HuffPost India, which will be our 12th edition since we began our international expansion three years ago," said Huffington. "In addition to being a hub for global news and a country that embodies much of the ancient wisdom the world desperately needs now, India has deep personal significance to me. When I was 17, I studied comparative religion at Visva-Bharati University, outside of Calcutta, and traveled across India, falling in love with the country -- a love affair that has continued to this day. So I'm extremely grateful for the chance to bring HuffPost to India to tell the stories that matter most -- and just as important, to help people throughout India tell their stories themselves, in words, in pictures and in video."

"The Huffington Post is the first real digital-first news success story globally, and their impact is seen across the world," said Gajwani. "They've coupled a best-in-class technology platform with a fresh way of approaching the world's issues today. We've demonstrated our ability to meaningfully grow international media brands, such as Business Insider, Gizmodo, and more. We are excited to combine HuffPost's world-class product with our local reach with consumers and advertisers to tailor-make a great new destination for Indian consumers."

"As the world's largest democracy, and with a middle class of more than 250 million people, India is a critical destination for any global media company," said Huffington Post Media Group CEO Jimmy Maymann. "And with Indian household consumption predicted to continue to grow nearly 20% per year, this partnership gives us an ideal entry into what is expected to become the world's fifth-largest consumer market within the next ten years."

The Huffington Post and The Times of India Group will establish an editorial team based in New Delhi. The site is slated to launch later this year.

The second largest English-speaking population in the world -- trailing only the U.S. -- India also has the third largest Internet population. The Huffington Post has 86 million monthly global unique visitors (desktop only, comScore, June 2014). HuffPost's integrated global newsroom has hundreds of editors across 11 countries who collaborate in real-time to create content in eight languages using a custom unified tech platform.

About The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news, features, and entertainment, as well as a highly engaged community for opinion and conversation. The Huffington Post has 86 million monthly global unique visitors (desktop only, comScore, June 2014). The site has over 70,000 bloggers -- from politicians, students and celebrities to academics, parents and policy experts -- who contribute in real-time on the subjects they are most passionate about. The Huffington Post has editions in the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Maghreb, Germany, Brazil and South Korea. The Huffington Post is part of AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL).

About Times Internet

Times Internet (TIL) is a premier digital product company and the digital arm of The Times of India Group. It reaches over 100m visitors and serves 2 billion pageviews every month across web and mobile, with businesses across news, entertainment, sports, local, ecommerce, classifieds, startup investments, local partnerships, and more. Times Local Partners (TLP) is a business unit developed in 2013, which partners with emerging global digital businesses to build local partnerships, having partnered with brands like Business Insider, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, IGN, AskMen, and more.

For Further Information: Yashmeen Barua, 91-981-169-9757,
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Highest Paying Occupations in India

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The main criteria in choosing a career for any person are its rewards and returns in terms of money. There are many professions and careers and there are also many of number of people each choosing a different one. But for those who are in the starting point of choosing a career it would be always helpful to know what are the most highly paid occupations. Eager to know them let us check them out.

1. Software Engineer: There has been a huge growth in this sector and the rewards and returns in monetary terms are also high. Starting from CEO to the team leader and the development managers all earn huge packages. Apart from these soft ware engineers and programmers also earn very high income.

2. Master in Business Administration: This is the most sought after and the most rewarding in terms of money in the present time. And if the candidate is from a reputed and ‘A’ grade Institutions then even a fresher holds the capability of earning huge salary.

3. Air Lines Industry: This industry has seen a huge change in the recent times in India. With the entry of private air lines there has been a huge increase in the employment opportunities. Pilots, Captains, Stewardesses, stewards, air traffic controller and other crew members earn huge amount of salaries.
4. Chemical, electronics and Mechanical Engineering: Engineering has always been a sought after profession or career in India. The earnings in this field are dependent on your skills, innovation, creativity, experience and hard work. Those persons who are dedicative and innovative do well and hold the capability of earning huge pay checks. And if you are a student form the top IIT’s then there is no look back for your career.

5. Medical Career: This is one of the all time rewarding and respectable career. You can be a doctor with the specialization of your choice, or a professor. You can be a nurse or you may even study hospital administration. There are many options all dependent on your learning capabilities. But the earnings totally depend on your skills, knowledge, experience and dedication towards your profession and achievements.

6. Chartered Accountant: This is one of the most fetching careers in terms of money. Every company organization or office needs accountants to look after their accounts. So there are plenty of opportunities, this is also one of the sought after carrier options all that you need to have is liking for numbers and skills in them. A person with good knowledge and experience is sure to earn a handsome pay. And there are many opportunities not only in private field but also in Government sector if you are choosing this as your career.

7. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation: If you are on the lookout for the top most highly paid jobs then your search ends here. Apart from salaries the other benefits such as health, retirement and others are also very high in these jobs.
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