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Aug 1, 2014

What is the Need of the Hour Preachers or Practitioners?

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People most of the times know that they are doing something that they should not be doing. If we take the example from epics Ravana was a great scholar and possessed great knowledge, but what did he do with himself after acquiring the knowledge? One act of temptation ruined him and his entire kingdom.

Even in today’s time we have so many resources to teach us what is good and what is bad. We have books written by scholars, we have mentors, we have religious persons and preachers who show the path of righteousness. We don’t lack the knowledge of what is right and wrong, but we lack implementation.

Every one in the world follows a religion or a path of truth that teaches him how to mould his life for betterment. Everyone in the world is blessed with parents who show them 'what is right and wrong'. Everyone goes to school and educates himself so that he moulds himself into a human.

Then why are we like this even if we listen to any one of the persons who are there to guide us or even follow one aspect of what we have learnt from our elders or gurus or from teachers our lives would be different. If we cannot put into practice that which we have learnt there is no use of accumulating knowledge.

If there would be half the number of practitioners of what is right, than the preachers of truth, our world will not be like this. We have enough resources to show us the way, and enough people to guide us, but what we need is courage to implement what we have learnt. If every one of us pulls up the courage to practice instead of preach this world would be changed. So, need of the hour is practitioners, not really preachers.
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Jul 31, 2014

Week Ends - Great Way to Recharge

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Weekend is one thing we all love, no office work, no deadlines to meet and no tension at all. Weekend is something that makes us tension free and recharges us again for the routine ups and downs. The more time we spend relaxing, the better and happy we feel. This is one thing that makes a Weekend special and essential.

Most of us are spend weekend time doing household works that we usually don’t find time to do during the routine week days. But if possible we should always take out some time to spend time in leisure or to go out along with family or friends, or just involving yourself in doing an activity that gives you satisfaction or relaxation.

You may want to go to a place of worship if you find it peaceful, or you may plan for nice movie, or a place of choice that kids enjoy and spend time with them. Or if you like to hang out with your pals plan ahead for a get together and share your heart with them and feel recharged.

If you don’t like going out and just want to stay at home, if you have any hobbies such as gardening, book reading, anything that interests you and you feel happy about do that. The small time that you spend in these activities charges you and gives you the strength to take on the activities of the week days.

So, plan your weekends, take out time for yourself and the ones you love. Spend a quality weekend and give productive week days.
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Jul 30, 2014

Top 12 Health Tips for Rainy Season

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As there are do’s and don’ts for any season, there are also some health precautions that you have to take in rainy season. Because in rainy season our body under goes some changes like lower immunity, lower digestive power and decrease in body strength.

As far as possible one should avoid oily foods, heavy foods that are hard to digest and foods that are frozen. Instead of these foods it is preferable to take food that are easily digestible. Apart from these there are some other tips that will help us stay healthy during the rainy season let us look at them.

1. It is best to take bath with hot water instead of cold water during the rainy season.

2. It is always best to wear slippers at home during the rainy season.

3. As far as possible avoid eating outside food.

4. Wash your hands frequently with hand wash, and as far as possible when your hands are not clean do not touch your face.
rainy season 5. It is best to wear full dress that covers the body entirely during the rainy season.

6. It will be more beneficial if we drink warm water during the rainy season, instead of normal water.

7. We should make sure that there is enough physical activity if it is not there you should exercise regularly.

8. Avoid drinking water that is not filtered and also avoid coming in direct contact with dirty water.

9. If by any chance you get wet in the rain make sure that you dry yourself at the earliest possible, even if your hair gets wet instead of leaving it like that dry it immediately.

10. Make sure that you maintain a minimum of two to three hours gap between having food and going to bed. In other words do not sleep immediately as soon as you have your food. Involve yourself in some activity.

11. Instead of drinking normal tea, add some ginger to it and have it. This will help you to keep away cold that is quite common in rainy season.

12. Keep mosquitoes and flies away from your home or another place. Make sure that the house or office is clean and use mosquito and insect repellents.

Well prevention is always better than cure, so, try to follow these simple and healthy tips to stay fit and active and what else, enjoy the beauties of rainy season.
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Jul 29, 2014

Top 10 ways to Increase Children’s Confidence

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Each and every parent tries to give their child the best education, and the best of everything. But the most important thing that each and every parent should strive to teach their children is to empower their child with the skills that they require to come up in life that is life skills.

It is very important for parents to see that the seeds of self confidence are planted in them since childhood so that it grows along with them. According to research, a child who is happy and has confidence, performs much better in the school and is good in relationships.

If you take a look at the recent statistics the main reason why students that too below the age of 23 are committing suicide is lack of confidence. So, this is one thing that parents really need to concentrate on. Let us look at some of the ways to develop self confidence in the children.

1. As parents most of the time we find faults with the children and try to correct them. Instead find something to appreciate in them, when they do even a small thing that is good or correct give a pat on their back, congratulate them and appreciate them. This will increase their confidence.

2. Children are full of excitement, every time they find something new or exciting and they want to share it with you. Be patient and listen to what they say and how they feel. Those things may sound silly to us but are important to them. When they talk they learn to open up and share their feelings, this helps in boosting their confidence.

3. You tell your child to do something that he is not used to but he tries to do that and gives his best efforts, he may be successful or he may not be successful but the point is that he has tried. Reward that trying and encourage him, one day he will achieve or do that thing and show you.

4. It is more important to give your valuable time to children than to buy them the most expensive gifts. Make it part of your routine to spend some qualitative time with your child.

5. Assigning children with the tasks that suit their age and thinking levels, increases confidence in them. They feel confident when they accomplish or do something, so give them small tasks, encourage them and help them to increase their confidence.

6. Involve children in discussions as parents we don’t allow children to interfere in matters that are not of their concern, it is good. But you should find out something to discuss with them may be a topic of their interest and then involve them in the discussion, this way they learn to discuss and to communicate. When they do this they don’t hesitate to express their views and participate in discussions outside.

7. As parents most of the times we caution children not to do any mistakes, but when they do so, it is our responsibility to make them feel that it’s ok to do mistakes and it is a process of learning and nothing to be ashamed of. It should be their perspective to look at mistakes like learning tools; they should learn from it and grow but should not repeat them. This kind of attitude gives them the confidence to face life.

8. Most of the time the children’s behavior and their actions make the parents fell annoyed and shameful. But children do it out of mere ignorance, so, instead of punishing them. It is our responsibility to let them understand what they are doing and if they continue to be so what will happen to them. Making them understand and correction is important to punishment.

9. As far as possible try that the child looks for positiveness everywhere and in every situation.

10. Always try not to force the child to do things that you think are good for them. Give them some freedom, and involve yourself in doing those things that are of interest to them. This will help in strengthening the bond, and helps increase confidence.

It is not enough to buy them expensive gifts or give them the best of all things, more than anything else children crave for attention and love give them that and see with what confidence they grow up.
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Jul 28, 2014

Top 10 Ways to be a Pleasing Person

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In our day to day interaction with people around us we find that there are some kind of people who are very pleasing and attract lot of people towards them because of this quality. This is what everyone wants to be to be liked by everyone and to get the attention, but, how to become so? Is the question. Well, let us start looking at the answers.

1. Body language plays a very important role, the way you carry yourself, shake hands, your gestures, eye contact everything matters.

2. The kind of clothes you put on your choices also make a difference in making you a pleasing person.

3. Pleasing persons are always soft spoken and are firm when voicing their opinion.

4. Pleasing persons know very well as to what they are speaking and exercise good control over the choice of words.

pleasing person
5. Pleasing persons are calm and poised even when situations turn out to be hot.

6. Pleasing persons are not self centered and they bother about the growth and progress of others.

7. Pleasing people make it a habit to smile always and their facial expressions are pleasing and encouraging.

8. Pleasing people are the ones with great enthusiasm. They are never dull or inactive.

9. Pleasing people are the ones with great inner strength and possess qualities like honesty.

10. Pleasing people have charm that draws people towards them.

So, if you are up to becoming one like them and enjoy all the attention, fill yourself with all these qualities.
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Jul 26, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Achieve Success

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Success is one thing we all want to achieve in life. Success gives meaning to life and helps not only us but many others to make their life so. But what is it that we need to do to achieve success in our desired field? Well, let us check out the ingredients for success.

1. Ability to understand others and to cooperate with them so that you can make your way to success easy.

2. Qualities like patience, persistence, and tolerance.

3. Leadership qualities and attitude to take initiative.

4. Having a clear vision about goal and commitment to achieve it.

5. Ability to put implement the acquired knowledge and to put it into practice.

6. Ability to learn lessons from failure and to move ahead with corrective steps.

7. Ability to concentrate and to focus on the goals.

8. Clarity in thinking and decision making.

9. Creative thinking and showing enthusiasm when working towards goal.

10. Having a definite purpose or clear goals in life.


1. Giving more than what you receive in terms of salary or resources or whatever that is at your disposal. Making correct use of it and delivering more.
2. Having self control and self discipline because these form a strong foundation for success.
3. Ability to please others and to establish good relations with others.
4. Leading a healthy and disciplined lifestyle so that there are no hurdles in the way to progress.
5. Ability to asses ones strength and weaknesses and developing strategies to overcome them and constantly striving for self development.

Follow these tips and make your way to success easy.
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Jul 25, 2014

Top 10 Qualities that can make you a Leader

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We all see leaders and admire them and aspire to be like them. But if we shift our focus to what qualities they have developed to become what they are now. It would be easy for us to become like them. So, what are the qualities that make a leader, a leader. Let us see.

1. The one fact that has always differentiated the leaders from the rest of the people is their initiative. Their initiative in thinking, in thinking that which people laughed at or thought to be impossible. Their initiative in experimenting with the new ways. These are the very things that make a leader and lack of these things makes one a follower.

2. Leader does not stop with accumulating knowledge. He is the one who implements it and gains from it.

 3. Leader is competent enough to get things done from others, not by using force but by motivating them and encouraging them and making sure that they also progress along the way.

leadership4. Leaders set goals and lead life with a purpose which motivates them to keep moving ahead in life on a progressive path.

5. Leaders take decision without much delay and they stick to it and start working on it with perfect plan and alternatives.

6. Leader speaks more with his deeds than with his words.

7. Leaders always strive for the upliftment of others and their progress. They come out of this I circle and Embrace We.

8. Leaders are always careful about what they speak and how they behave and interact.

9. Leaders are the ones who over come temptations, and are focused on achieving what is beneficial and good in a long term.

10. Leaders are a true source of inspiration; and they lead their life in an exemplary way.

So, those who aspire to mould themselves as leaders should focus on these aspects and work towards them.
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Jul 24, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of Dreams

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Every one has different opinion about dreams, even those working on dreams and trying to know about it could not come to a definite conclusion as to why dreams occur. Many feel that it is just a mental projection of images and emotions and some feel that they have a meaning and show us what we are.

Well, if we keep aside these differences, there are many benefits of dreams in health point of view, let us look at them.

1. According to a research dreams help in coping up with stress.

2. Dreams help in conflict resolution, in fact many people have experienced that they have come up with solutions to problems, through dreams.

3. Dreams help in regulating our moods and make it better.

4. According to a research dreams help in coping up with and reduce depression.

5. Dreams help in improving memory and helps to be more creative.

6. Dreams help in understanding ourselves better and assists in the process of development.

7. Dreams help in healing emotional and psychological wounds and helps us to come out of them.

8. Many people have dreams that come true in life. So, in those cases dreams act as a guide in life.

9. To some people dreams act as a training ground while for some other people dreams reveal their past life experiences.

10. Dreams recharge us and empower us and above all it is fun to experience dreams, unless they are night mares ok.

Well, to conclude dreams are dreams and whether we experience bad or good they are not real. There are many definitions set by different people as to how to interpret dreams and what do they mean. But, in reality though dreams may be common to people but their interpretation is totally personal, so depending on theories and books may not help us.

Instead if we do a self analysis as to how they relate to us, or actually is there anything that they convey to us is what we have to learn personally. It is not also necessary that every dream has a meaning and it conveys something. So, you are your own judge in matter of dreams. If there is anything to learn from them and to get benefited from them we better do so, otherwise just keep having fun.
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Jul 23, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Handle Criticism

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Criticism is one thing that is unavoidable in life. People criticize you if you do something, or if you don’t do anything or if you do something that no one does. The mistake we do is to think that only useless people and people with empty minds are the ones to be criticized.

But if you take a look at the history all the so called genius of the world and leaders in their fields we the people who were most criticized, people called them mad and insane, what not but it is only those who [paid no attention to them and believed in what they thought was right were the ones who were successful.

So, criticism, is not what matters, what matters is how you react to it, take or leave it and move ahead to see success. So, let us look at some of the ways that will help us to handle criticism in a way that will help us to progress.

1. Know the intention behind the criticism, some people criticize because it’s their nature, some because it gives them happiness, and some people criticize you so that you can learn from mistakes. So, know the intention and leave the criticism.

2. Don’t give it back to them. It is but natural for us to defend ourselves when we are criticized for no reason or not for a valid reason. But doing so will give strength to those who criticize us and drag us down to their level so, better to hold yourself back.

3. The best way to handle criticism is to respond calmly. Listen to them and then once they cool down tell them how you feel about it.

4. If there a fault of yours and others criticize you, accept it and tell that you have got their point and would correct yourself.

5. The best way to handle criticism is to have self confidence. If you know what you are and what you are doing other peoples comments and criticisms do not bother you. So, focus on increasing your self confidence.

There is other side of criticism that it helps you to know your faults and gives you a chance to correct them. This happens when the people who criticize you are our well wishers or the ones who are bothered about your welfare. In such cases criticism helps us to progress and to go ahead. So, know the intention behind criticism and then accordingly take it or leave, but keep moving ahead.
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Jul 22, 2014

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un effected and to be Peaceful

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In life it is a common occurrence that many times we feel. I wish I would just let things go and stay calm. But achieving this state of mind and to remain unaffected is not that easy as it sounds. But there are also some people who remain so and demonstrate to us that it may be difficult to do so but it is not impossible.

The main reason as to why we get affected by situations or persons in life is that. We take things personally, we bother about what other people think and say about us and this in turn affects our mood and destroys our peace. Well in that case what is it that we can do to stay calm even in such disturbing situations.

The main reason as to why we get affected by any situation or person is that we give too much importance to them and we are attached to them emotionally. So, if we want to remain unaffected by situations or persons we need to learn the art of detachment not physically but emotionally.

Being emotionally detached does not mean that you have to stay away from them or avoid them. You can be with them, show them the care and love but do not have an emotional bondage with them. There are some more tips that we can follow to maintain our peace and stay calm. Let us check them out.

1. In any given situation don’t ever involve yourself emotionally, do your duties and fulfill your responsibilities but don’t get emotionally involved.

2. Those people who have seen success were the ones who have not allowed people and situations to influence them. So, if you want to lead a calm and peaceful life, stop taking things personally and start moving far word.
peaceful3. The best way to stay calm is to stop thinking about the situation or the person who is the cause of your disturbance. Constantly worrying and thinking about the same thing drags you down and drains your energy and peace.

4. Until and unless it is important or there is a need to do so don’t involve yourself in matters that are not of your concern emotionally.

5. Not everything that happens in life is important, so stop giving un necessary importance to any situation or persons, judge the situation and then come to a conclusion is this worth giving attention and bothering.

In life it is not possible to avoid those situations and persons that disturb us. But we can change the way we deal with them and try not to lose our peace of mind, let us give it our best try.
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