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Apr 25, 2014

Our Ancient Scriptures a true source of Inspiration for today’s Human

It would not be wrong if we say today hardly any of us “Live Life”. The fact is that, for most of us life has become a struggle, a day to day battle, in the concrete jungle. It is no wonder that we read news about students committing suicide, farmers committing suicide, employees committing suicide and the list goes on.

What is it that we lack today, that is making taking us to this level of hating life and choosing death instead? In the material terms today we are well advanced than our parents and grandparents, we use latest equipment at personal level and professional level to make our life easy and well going.

Our Parents and grandparents never knew the comfort of moving around in AC cars or going went on a holiday nor did they have any of the comforts that we enjoy today. But they were happy and lead a happy life; they even very well managed to bring up a generation of humans with spiritual and human values. What gave them the strength to cope up with life’s up’s and downs?

They never studied any of the self development books or management books, but still they managed to be good humans. What we lack today and what made them stand in life that day is our great Scriptures and spiritual way of life. They too had role models to look up to and to learn from and to imitate, but the difference is today we choose billionaires, millionaires and material wise successful people as our role models.

They instead choose the great Avatara purushas Rama and others as their role models. If we study the life of Lord Rama He is Perfect example as a son, as a student, as a ruler, he was born to rule but never had any greed for power. He happily went to forest leaving all the comforts and taking stand for truth and Dharma. His life was full of challenges and problems yet every time he took stand for what is right.

The truth gave him the strength. Likewise if we study the great epic Mahabharata, on one side we see the people who stand for truth and the other side we see selfish people whose only aim is to secure power at any cost. The Pandavas though born in the Kings family spent most of the time in forest, faced all kinds of possible troubles, but they always followed the path of truth and followed their inner voice and had all the good virtues. On the contrary kauravas enjoyed all the material comforts but were they at peace with themselves or with others we all know the answer.

If we study those scriptures and their life what is it that we cannot learn? We can learn to be patient and forgiving even when we have a reason to get angry. We can learn that if we follow the path of truth we can be happy where ever we are and as whatever we are. But on the other hand though we live life king size enjoying all the comforts, if our thoughts are not in the right direction and you choose the path that is not truth, then life is no life just a punishment.

So, living in today’s society to lead a happy and contended life we need to look back to our past study the life’s of great people. And then take them as our role model, a person who is a total human being in all aspects and in all the roles. Then, when we compare our life to those people’s life our life looks so small and our problems look silly. Then when you hold the hand of truth and listen to your inner voice, life becomes a pleasant and memorable journey.

Apr 23, 2014

Most Neglected, But Most Important Part of Elections “Issuing Voter ID”

Well election time has come again and this time, it is good to see that, both the print media and the electronic media has taken the initiative to bring before people the real worth of every candidate and party. We turn on channels and we see debates, public interactions as to what the previous government has done and what the future governments are promising.

But among all these things, we are missing one very important aspect as to how many of citizens have Voter Id’s and are listed to cast their vote. Before taking the initiative to educate the citizens as to the importance of their vote, and they should not sell it for a note or cast or regional feeling. How many know that how many percentage of the voters do really have voter ids.

It is fact that census is taken and names are listed but how many people are issued voter ID cards in time. If we dig into the facts there will be more number of people who do not have voter id’s though they registered on time. If a citizen sells his vote for a note we say it is wrong, or if a person votes on the basis of caste or regional feeling it is wrong. Then how right it is not to give a right person his right to vote.

No one bothers as to how many number of people do not have voter ids and how many were not issued. Officials have varied reasons as to why the cards were not issued on time but is this right? And who is to be questioned and who is to question? Issuing Voter id’s should not be done as a routine just before elections when everyone works in a hurry and hardly have any time to issue all the cards.

This should be done in a regular fashion, keeping the census as to how many percentage of people have voter ids and how many do not have, and how many more voters are added every year. If we keep this updating then we are sure that all the citizens will have their voter id’s issued by the time of elections.

They say that a right person’s silence does more harm to the society than any wrong person does. Likewise if a right and educated citizen cannot exercise his right to vote just because the officials did not issue the card on time, it does equal harm to the entire political system and the society at large.

So, it becomes the primary responsibility of the government and the system, to know where the root of the problem is, and to make necessary changes, so that citizens are issued voter ids on time, so that they can exercise their right and fulfill their duty as a responsible citizen and bring in a responsible and good government.

Apr 22, 2014

Dr.Ramakant Panda Joins Hand with Medical Second Opinion

Dr.Ramakant Panda
New Delhi: Medical Second Opinion, one of the leading Health care portal celebrated the success of its prominent and highly reputed Heart Surgeon, Dr.Ramakant Panda who recently established a world record feat of operating upon maximum blockages.

Medical Second Opinion has an aggregation of exclusive fine doctors like Dr. Panda and hospital providers from India and abroad. People who are connected with MSO consult such finest specialists from any part of the country without even stepping out of their homes. This medical portal not only cut down the travelling expenses but its trademark service of Connected OPD also brings doctors to your cities for face to face consultations.

Dr. Ramakant Panda is a world renowned Specialist who had even performed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's heart surgery. In his recent achievement, he performed a record breaking 12 separate bypass grafts on 58-year-old, Mithalal Dhoka at Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai. Dr.Panda's name comes up very high on any list of the world’s top heart surgeons who performed high risk surgeries.

Mr. Sachin Chaudhary, Founder and CEO of Medical Second Opinion,Says, “ I am very glad to bring such renowned doctors with us who will not only give consultation but will travel to your cities. We personally feel that all those who are connected with Medical Second Opinion, they should get best treatment and access to some the best doctors belonging to different specialties".

Some of the unique cases of Dr. Ramakant Panda are as follows:-

1. Most patients have 3-4 blockages. But this patient had 17 blocks making him almost inoperable.

2. Most patients undergoing bypass surgery in the world get 3-4 bypass grafts to major arteries of the heart. This patient had 12 bypass grafts.

3. The size of heart arteries determines whether bypass surgery is possible, also determines risk of surgery as well as long term results. Most patients have 3 major heart arteries more than 1.5 mm in size. Bypass to any artery less than 1.5 mm in diameter is technically very difficult and risky. Any patient who has only 1 mm size arteries, is almost inoperable and if operated has a very high risk. Instead of having 3 major arteries which is normal, this patient had more than 12 arteries which were all 1mm in diameter.

4. The entire surgery was done on a beating heart technique. Since most of his arteries were 1mm, it was very demanding to do so many bypass grafts to small arteries on beating heart and many more.


Diya Aur Baati Hum's Sandhya realizes her dream!

Diya Aur Bati Hum
Mumbai: The journey of Diya Aur Bati Hum’s protagonist, Sandhya started with a dream which eventually led to an ambition and a promise that was made to her late parents to be fulfilled. Sandhya had almost given up on pursuing the prestigious IPS post her marriage to Sooraj but it was his love & support that brought in a ray of new hope and reignited the burning desire.

As they say for gold to glow in pure glory, it must face the wrath of fire, Sandhya too had to surpass many challenging situations before she could bask in the beauty of her IPS win with the Best Cadet Trophy! Right from convincing her mother in law, Bhabho for permissions to complete her studies at the night college to finally joining the training academy, it was a tough journey she chose for herself. However with Sooraj by her side, Sandhya turned each challenge into an opportunity. She faced each ‘battle’ with the grit of a warrior who saw hits and misses but never lost focus of the goal!

While Sandhya’s battle was half won when she joined the academy, Bhabho kept a new challenge ahead of her – to win the best cadet trophy as that would ensure Sandhya’s posting at Pushkar and keep her close to the family. This would further ensure that Sandhya continued performing her duties towards both her family & society. With eleven months of undergoing one of the most difficult trainings, Sandhya displayed strength and overcame all odds. The only obstacle that remained between the winning trophy and her was her shooting skills but eventually she conquered that ‘final frontier’ as well before being bestowed with the Best Cadet Trophy at the IPS ceremony.

“If it wasn’t for Soorajji’s love & support, I would never have seen this day. Whatever I am today is because he stood by me each time & showed immense faith in me. My family has also sacrificed great deal during this period and I will ensure I make it upto them now that I am back. I promise to honour the role and prove that I am worthy of it through the work that I do. I am extremely happy that I am finally living my parents’ dream and returning to my family at Pushkar.” said Sandhya's played by Deepika Singh.

While Sandhya has proved herself on the promise made to Bhabho but will she be able to do full justice towards her family and the nation i.e. play the dual role of a daughter-in-law and an IPS officer at Pushkar is something to watch out for!

Watch IPS sandhya on her new journey as she plays the dual role and how she fulfills her duty towards the family and the country in Diya aur Baati Hum at 9 pm monday to saturday only on STAR Plus!

Sumeet Sachdev returns to television after 4 years with Yeh Hai Aashiqui

anupriya goenka
Known for his crust look and dashing personality, Sumeet Sachdev finally returns to television after a long sabbatical with bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui. The charming actor is all set to play the protagonist in the upcoming episode which will make his most awaited come back extremely exciting.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui chronicles unusual love stories every week and this time round, the show will bring forth an innocent love story of Rhea Ganguly who falls in love with Aseem Sen whom she once hated based on the rumor of him being a wife beater. In order to teach him a lesson, she transpires a plan to humiliate him in the college but, as truth cannot be kept under wraps for long, Rhea discovered the reality. She could not help falling in love with Aseem for his innocence and forgiveness when he finds out that Rhea had conspired against him.

Sumeet Sachdev will be seen as the lead actor; Aseem Sen. He will portray the character of a writer whose pseudonym is Eklavya. Attempting to run away from his past brings him to a college where he gets appointed as a professor, but his agonies are further aggravated when a girl named Rhea, played by popular ad face, Anupriya Goenka decides to expose the miseries of his past deeds in front of the college to embarrass him.

Talking about his return and the show, Sumeet said, “In the past as well, I was approached for Yeh Hai Aashiqui, and unfortunately at that time I could not go ahead with it. But, co-incidentally, I happened to watch that episode and I was impressed with the show; it was refreshing and different.

This time round, I was geared up to make a come back on TV after 4 years with a great concept like Yeh Hai Aashiqui. Not only did I feel that I could fit the bill perfectly but, I was quite thrilled about playing a professor who a student falls in love with. I have never done romance and ‘Aseem’ was a bit of a challenge to me. But, it was the right choice, a good experience overall and gave the feel of a short film.” This talented lad gained household popularity with his unconventional and popular character, ‘Gomzy’ in the iconic show Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Known for his versatility, Sumeet also ventured in direction. He made his directorial debut in the short film Rehman Saheb Ko Phone Karna Hai.

Apart from Sumeet, Anupriya Goenka will be seen on the show romancing him as ‘Rhea’. Taking the audiences through this emotional journey of Aseem and Rhea, popular TV actor Rithvik Dhanjani will be hosting the show.

Watch this touching love story, on ‘YehHaiAashiqui’, this Sunday, 27th April, 2014, at 7pm only on bindass!

Apr 17, 2014

Mahindra First Choice Wheels inaugurates 4th authorized dealership in Indore

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. (MFCWL), India’s No. 1 multi-brand certified used car company, today expanded its footprint in Central India with the inauguration of its authorized dealership, Gujarat Motors, in Madhya Pradesh. The dealership is located at Presige Tower, Indra Complex, Navlakha and is spread over 2000 sq. ft.

The outlet was inaugurated by Mr. Yatin Chadha, Senior Vice President - Retail Business, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited.

“With this inauguration, our network strength has expanded to 13 dealerships in Madhya Pradesh, with four in Indore alone. The average size of the used car market in the state is 6000 cars, which makes Indore a strategic market for the company and we look forward to working with Gujarat Motors – one of the top used car dealers in Indore - to further enhance our presence in the region,” said Yatin Chadha, Senior Vice President - Retail Business, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited.

“We are delighted to be associated with Mahindra First Choice Wheels which already enjoys strong brand equity in Indore. Gujarat Motors will offer the entire range of services for customers, including purchase and sale of multi-brand certified used cars, car finance, insurance, fitment of car accessories and assistance with paperwork and documentation,” said Mr.Anand Shah, Gujarat Motors.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels currently has a significant presence in Madhya Pradesh with 13 dealerships in eight cities and further plans to expand this number to 21 outlets by year end. Key focus towns include Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Ujjain, Khandwa, Sagar, Narsimhapur, Satna.

MFCWL closed FY 14 with 351 outlets, a growth of 30% from FY13. These outlets are present in 208 towns across the country, with 64 towns boasting of more than one outlet. MFCWL’s B2B auction volumes increased over 50% with nearly 60 commercial sellers using the platform to sell vehicles to nearly 10,000 wholesale buyers. Autoinspekt – MFCWL’s industry first inspection service offering - saw rapid adoption in the B2B space as well.

Between its retail, wholesale and inspection services, the MFCWL enterprise participated in 1,50,000 used vehicle transactions.

The company is driven by its mission to transform the way used cars are retailed and has made several innovations along the way. The list of innovations include developing a unique franchisee based business model, selling certified multi-brand used cars under warranty and offering the most comprehensive warranty product available on used cars in the country, in addition to a differentiated consumer experience through launch of its ‘Highline’ stores for selling high-end multi-brand used cars.

Women need to make life long investment in bones to prevent osteoporosis

New Delhi, April, 2014: Osteoporosis is a disorder characterized by depleted bones that make you more prone to fractures and injuries. It is also a characteristic that runs parallel to a person’s age and inflicts more women than men. This is why women need to invest in bone health from early on in their lives.

The process called ageing brings in its wake a series of changes in the body. As we grow wiser, we also realize that our body that was once at our command will not be so all our lives. As muscles weaken, eyes give in, hair turns grey and skin loses its sheen, you know they are telling you that they have withered a lot. So are your bones. Bone mass or density is lost as we age. This happens in both men and women but it especially aggravates in women after menopause.

“As a part of ageing processes both men and women lose their bone density by 0.3% to 0.5% after the age of 35 yrs. In women estrogen (a hormone) is important in maintaining bone density. When estrogen levels drop after menopause, the loss of bone density accelerates. Deficiency of calcium and vitamin D can aggravate osteoporosis, though it is not the main and only cause,” says Dr Rajeev K Sharma, leading Orthopedic Specialist and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi.

The bones lose calcium, vitamin D and other minerals and start losing their density. In extreme cases they become abnormally porous and fragile and extremely susceptible to fractures. This extreme condition is often described as Osteoporosis and can become a dangerous part of the lives of many an elderly. This is why we hear about so many hip, knee and shoulder fractures in older people. It is hence important to understand the way the condition works and aggravates.

According to estimates, as many as 25 million Indians are likely affected by osteoporosis. In fact, in India osteoporotic fractures may be occurring at a younger age than in the West. Recent research and studies have pointed out to the widespread vitamin D deficiency across India. The high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is a major factor in the poor bone health of Indians. Poor sunlight exposure and a vitamin D-deficient diet are some obvious causes.

“The bad news is that osteoporosis will be present in human body without any symptoms for decades and it doesn't cause symptoms until the bones start fracturing. Moreover, some osteoporotic fractures may escape detection for years when they do not cause symptoms. Hence, the patients may not be aware of their osteoporosis problem until they suffer a painful fracture. Depending on the location of fracture the symptoms differ but the usual symptom is pain and disability,” says Dr Sharma.

During the first five to 10 years after menopause, women can suffer up to 2%-4% loss of bone density per year! This can result in the loss of up to 25%-30% of their bone density during that time. Accelerated bone loss after menopause is a major cause of osteoporosis in women. Hormone replacement therapy post-menopause prevents this loss, but is of no major help once the window period of six years post-menopause is over.

Risk factors

· Cigarette smoking

· Alcohol consumption.

· Poor nutrition and a diet low on calcium and vitamin D

· Low estrogen levels

· Chemotherapy that can cause early menopause due to its toxic effects on the ovaries.

· Loss of menstrual period in young women (Amenorrhea) and it can occur in women who undergo extremely vigorous exercise training or with very low body fat, e.g, women with anorexia nervosa.

· Rheumatoid arthritis or liver diseases

· Immobility, such as after a stroke or from any condition that interferes with walking.

· Hyperthyroidis or the problem of excessive sweating

· Long-term use of anti-seizure medications and long-term use of oral steroids.


The age old adage that prevention is better than cure holds 100 per cent in the case of osteoporosis. In fact, the only way to prevent osteoporosis is to start working with your bones when they are still young. Do not let bone loss to set in early by faulty practices.

· Eat calcium rich diet

· Ensure adequate exposure to the sun for vitamin D

· Get a routine bone density check-up after the age of 35

· Exercise to strengthen the bone

· Quit smoking and alcohol

Apr 16, 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum’s Bhabho & Emily Visit Ajmer Dargah

Diya Aur Baat Hum
Mumbai: STAR Plus’ most popular show Diya Aur Baat Hum is all set to showcase its biggest landmark with the protagonist Sandhya (played by Deepika Singh) achieving her IPS dream. As the final leg of Sandhya’s IPS training draws closer the entire Rathi family & fans are eagerly waiting to see Sandya’s dream fulfilled. Today she is just one step away from her goal and is all set to take the big leap as an IPS officer. To support her dream, Bhabho (played by Neelu Vaghela) and Emily (Pooja Singh) visited Ajmer Dargah to pray for her success. The popularity of the show is known to all but what amazed Neelu was the love and adulation received from the crowd present at the dargah. The two women were mobbed and the entourage had to be stopped till the situation was brought under control in Ajmer.

Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) says, “I am here to pray for my Sandhya beendani and may god shower all his blessings. I want her to bring the trophy home and keep up to the promise she made. Sandhya has proved that she is a strong contender and I am sure she will make us all proud. As about the show, we have completed 700 episodes and I wish we continue to entertain our viewers further. The response we have received from the locales here says so much about how we have touched their lives.”

The last few months showcased the rigorous eleven months training where Sandhya shed all her inhibitions and emerged as a strong individual. Her journey was never smooth; be it convincing Bhabho to allow her to pursue he ambition to facing the challenges of the training programme. From the intense physical training, cycling challenge to para trooping, Sandhya has shown impeccable strength to overcome all odds. While for other family members it was a training programme to become an IPS officer, for Sandhya’s better half, Sooraj it was a goal to make his wife live her parents' dream. From being Sandhya’s biggest support system to becoming a constant reminder for Sandhya to live her dream, Sooraj truly stood like a pillar of strength.

However, only time will tell if Sandhya fulfils the promise made to Bhabho on winning the best cadet trophy that will get her a local posting and an opportunity to balance responsibility alongside duty. You’ve followed her journey, now don’t miss the moment of truth as Sandya enters the final league. Keep watching Diya Aur Baati Hum every Monday to Saturday at 9.00 PM only on Star Plus

Insecticides India Ltd bags “Innovation100” award by Inc India

Insecticides India Ltd bags “Innovation100” award by Inc India

· Adjudged winner under the category “Innovation in Marketing”

New Delhi: Insecticides India Ltd (IIL), a leading agrochemical company which manufactures and markets several popular and international brands, has been conferred with the prestigious “Innovation100” award by Inc India*, the flagship publication of 9.9 media.

The company was declared winner under the category “Innovation in Marketing” for aggressive branding and marketing. The award recognizes the effort in pushing forward the company’s brand vociferously through innovative and unique measures.

“It is a moment of pride for us to have been conferred with such a prestigious award. The award is a testimony to our efforts towards making ILL a brand in the market. The company was started in 2002 and today it is a known agrochemical company in India and abroad. Our branding and marketing initiatives have played a major role in letting the company reach a position where it is today,” said Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, MD, IIL.

IIL had been the first company in the country to have roped in Bollywood stars for brand promotion. Under its marketing initiative, the company had in the last few years entered into alliances with Japan’s Nissan to market its patented product Pulsor and Hakama and American Vanguard Corporation of the US for manufacturing and marketing its well-known brands Thimet and Nuvan in India.

Innovation 100 is a unique attempt of Inc India* to capture the role of mid-sized business community in the innovation journey of India by highlighting and celebrating 100 mid-sized companies that have demonstrated a flair for impactful innovation.

About Insecticides (India) Ltd

Insecticides (India) Ltd. (IIL) is a BSE & NSE Listed India’s leading and one of the fast growing agro chemicals manufacturing company. IIL has emerged as a front line performer in India’s crop care market with a top line of 650 Cr in last fiscal (2012-13) and is all set to touch 950 Cr this fiscal, growing at the handsome rate.

The company owns the prestigious Tractor Brand which is highly popular among the farmers. This umbrella brand of its agro products signifies the company’s deep connection with the farming community. The largest selling brands of IIL include Lethal, Victor, Thimet, Indan 4G, Hijack and Sharp.

The company has also entered into Technical and marketing MoU with American Vanguard Corporation (AMVAC), USA to manufacture and market “Thimet” and most recently “Nuvan”, an insecticide that is a household name in India.

The company has state-of-the-art formulation facilities in Chopanki (Rajasthan), Samba & Udhampur (Jammu & Kashmir) and Dahej (Gujarat). IIL also has technical synthesis plants at Chopanki and Dahej to manufacture technical grade chemicals such as Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid, Dichlorovos, Lambdacyhalothrin, D-Trans Allethrin, Glyphosate, Butachlor and Thiamethoxam etc. Providing the competitive edge by backward integration.

In 2012, IIL entered into a tie up with Japan’s Nissan Chemicals Industries Ltd to launch Pulsor, a patented fungicide for Paddy and Hakama, an advanced selective herbicide, in the Indian market.

Most recently, the company has also partnered with Japan-based Otsuka AgriTechno Co. Ltd (OAT) to set up a Joint Venture (JV) for research and development (R&D) of new agrochemical molecules. The two companies are setting up a state-of-the-art Research Centre in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, which will employ both Japanese and Indian researchers.

Is your sagging neckline bothering you?

Is your sagging neckline bothering you?
Dr. Sadhana deshmukh, Dermatologist, Forever young, Mumbai

Just when your neckline betrays you with age – count on Restylane Vital Skinboosters and be the pretty woman you always are
If your neckline has been a matter of worry for a some time now and you always wonder there is no way you will be able to get rid of those drooping lines, it’s time to look out for choices and make one.

With the revolutionary skincare industry that’s experiencing its golden era at the moment with the best of treatments lined up for all you women, it is only now that you can dump any signs of ageing in a matter of few minutes. Desirable necklines aren’t unachievable anymore. And, we aren’t recommending you surgery either.

Especially at the time when New Year celebrations are nearing, many women wish to look glowing, younger and relaxed with no ageing worries on their minds. And, tolerating a wilting neckline during festivities would really bother anybody. But, no more, as the new-age fillers & skinboosters like Restylane each of these women can make their celebration a memorable one and look like a million dollar with a slender neckline that catches eyeballs for its correct shape.

Restylane Vital Skinboosters are Hyaluronic Acid based fillers that work on a natural principle that hydration is one of the prime requirements of a healthy skin. When injected into the upper layers of the skin, the filler not only takes away the fine lines and wrinkles and make you look plumper and younger; HA being a hydrophilic substance also attracts water and encourages the skin to retain moisture. The glow that comes with it is natural. So, why spending hours worrying about your ageing neckline, go for a Restylane Vital Skinbooster session and you will fall in love with your neck all over again.

These Skinboosters work on holistic beauty and benefit the skin with deep hydration while they also subtly address specific issues like acne-scarring in some women. With each session as per the client’s requirements, these Skinboosters deliver deep skin hydration for proven and sustained improvements in overall skin quality. And, there is nothing that would work against your skin-type, if it is tried under expert dermatologist’s supervision and guidance.

The skin on your neck appears taut, tighter and firmer and the wrinkles and fine lines are taken away. It’s the way you were in your 20s.

There are different types of Skinbooster treatments to meet the needs of different skin-types and skin issues. And, at the same time one can choose to opt for a standalone Skinbooster treatment or combine it with other beautifying treatments for specific needs and feature enhancements.

Are you still worried about the loosening of skin around your neck? Don’t overstrain the lax muscle anymore…just approach an experienced dermatologist in your city and you already know which treatment to go for.