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Jul 24, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of Dreams

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Every one has different opinion about dreams, even those working on dreams and trying to know about it could not come to a definite conclusion as to why dreams occur. Many feel that it is just a mental projection of images and emotions and some feel that they have a meaning and show us what we are.

Well, if we keep aside these differences, there are many benefits of dreams in health point of view, let us look at them.

1. According to a research dreams help in coping up with stress.

2. Dreams help in conflict resolution, in fact many people have experienced that they have come up with solutions to problems, through dreams.

3. Dreams help in regulating our moods and make it better.

4. According to a research dreams help in coping up with and reduce depression.

5. Dreams help in improving memory and helps to be more creative.

6. Dreams help in understanding ourselves better and assists in the process of development.

7. Dreams help in healing emotional and psychological wounds and helps us to come out of them.

8. Many people have dreams that come true in life. So, in those cases dreams act as a guide in life.

9. To some people dreams act as a training ground while for some other people dreams reveal their past life experiences.

10. Dreams recharge us and empower us and above all it is fun to experience dreams, unless they are night mares ok.

Well, to conclude dreams are dreams and whether we experience bad or good they are not real. There are many definitions set by different people as to how to interpret dreams and what do they mean. But, in reality though dreams may be common to people but their interpretation is totally personal, so depending on theories and books may not help us.

Instead if we do a self analysis as to how they relate to us, or actually is there anything that they convey to us is what we have to learn personally. It is not also necessary that every dream has a meaning and it conveys something. So, you are your own judge in matter of dreams. If there is anything to learn from them and to get benefited from them we better do so, otherwise just keep having fun.
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Jul 23, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Handle Criticism

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Criticism is one thing that is unavoidable in life. People criticize you if you do something, or if you don’t do anything or if you do something that no one does. The mistake we do is to think that only useless people and people with empty minds are the ones to be criticized.

But if you take a look at the history all the so called genius of the world and leaders in their fields we the people who were most criticized, people called them mad and insane, what not but it is only those who [paid no attention to them and believed in what they thought was right were the ones who were successful.

So, criticism, is not what matters, what matters is how you react to it, take or leave it and move ahead to see success. So, let us look at some of the ways that will help us to handle criticism in a way that will help us to progress.

1. Know the intention behind the criticism, some people criticize because it’s their nature, some because it gives them happiness, and some people criticize you so that you can learn from mistakes. So, know the intention and leave the criticism.

2. Don’t give it back to them. It is but natural for us to defend ourselves when we are criticized for no reason or not for a valid reason. But doing so will give strength to those who criticize us and drag us down to their level so, better to hold yourself back.

3. The best way to handle criticism is to respond calmly. Listen to them and then once they cool down tell them how you feel about it.

4. If there a fault of yours and others criticize you, accept it and tell that you have got their point and would correct yourself.

5. The best way to handle criticism is to have self confidence. If you know what you are and what you are doing other peoples comments and criticisms do not bother you. So, focus on increasing your self confidence.

There is other side of criticism that it helps you to know your faults and gives you a chance to correct them. This happens when the people who criticize you are our well wishers or the ones who are bothered about your welfare. In such cases criticism helps us to progress and to go ahead. So, know the intention behind criticism and then accordingly take it or leave, but keep moving ahead.
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Jul 22, 2014

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un effected and to be Peaceful

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In life it is a common occurrence that many times we feel. I wish I would just let things go and stay calm. But achieving this state of mind and to remain unaffected is not that easy as it sounds. But there are also some people who remain so and demonstrate to us that it may be difficult to do so but it is not impossible.

The main reason as to why we get affected by situations or persons in life is that. We take things personally, we bother about what other people think and say about us and this in turn affects our mood and destroys our peace. Well in that case what is it that we can do to stay calm even in such disturbing situations.

The main reason as to why we get affected by any situation or person is that we give too much importance to them and we are attached to them emotionally. So, if we want to remain unaffected by situations or persons we need to learn the art of detachment not physically but emotionally.

Being emotionally detached does not mean that you have to stay away from them or avoid them. You can be with them, show them the care and love but do not have an emotional bondage with them. There are some more tips that we can follow to maintain our peace and stay calm. Let us check them out.

1. In any given situation don’t ever involve yourself emotionally, do your duties and fulfill your responsibilities but don’t get emotionally involved.

2. Those people who have seen success were the ones who have not allowed people and situations to influence them. So, if you want to lead a calm and peaceful life, stop taking things personally and start moving far word.
peaceful3. The best way to stay calm is to stop thinking about the situation or the person who is the cause of your disturbance. Constantly worrying and thinking about the same thing drags you down and drains your energy and peace.

4. Until and unless it is important or there is a need to do so don’t involve yourself in matters that are not of your concern emotionally.

5. Not everything that happens in life is important, so stop giving un necessary importance to any situation or persons, judge the situation and then come to a conclusion is this worth giving attention and bothering.

In life it is not possible to avoid those situations and persons that disturb us. But we can change the way we deal with them and try not to lose our peace of mind, let us give it our best try.
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Jul 21, 2014

Eid with White Precious Platinum

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Mumbai July, 2014: Platinum is the preferred choice of the discerning man;it is a classic reflection of style, strong beliefs and principals. The metal’s naturally white unchanging colour and modern design outlook has enamoured men for ages. Crafted to suit the taste of modern successful men, the elegant and understated, platinum jewellery collectionfor the auspicious occasion of Eid is complete with stylish bracelets, rings in classic designs to substantive and striking chains; priced at Rs. 30,000 onwards.

For the man who wants the very best, platinum jewellery is an ideal choice. Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan considers platinum to be the perfect expression of a man who knows his mettle, he says “Platinum the noble metal is unpretentious and a guarantee of unmatched purity. Naturally white, it looks good without making too much of a noise. I like the look, the feel and the subtlety of the metal. To me it is a statement of individuality. Also I don’t have to be careful or restrict my activities while wearing a platinum ring or bracelet as its durability and unchanging quality ensures that it will last a lifetime of wear or maybe more. The spectacular designs in the metal are surely a connoisseur’s delight.”

Platinum suits the sensibility of the stylish and confident Indian man. From the time that it is mined, till the final product is made, precious platinum is absolutely white. This naturally white metal does not fade nor tarnish with time. It is a durable, dense and strong metal so it feels more substantial to the wearer as compared to other metals, and is yet understated, sophisticated and elegant.

The design theme inspiration is based on the trends forecasted by WGSN, a worldwide leader in design trends. The key hooks adapted are futuristic, modern and brave new shapes, structural and engineered designs, which stand the test of time have been captured basis the key aesthetic direction of ‘Digital Fantasy’.

Availability: Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Joyalukkas, TBZ – The Original, ORRA& GRT Jewellers

Many leading authorised platinum retailers across India have a platinum counter at their stores.

Please visit to locate a platinum authorised retailer.

Price Range: Men’s range of platinum jewellery starting from Rs. 30000 onwards.

Look for the Pt 950 engraving as a hallmark of purity on every platinum jewellery

In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd. has appointed Underwriters Laboratories (UL Inc, USA) to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.
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Top 5 Tips to Deal With the Un Expected

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Each individual’s life is not less than a suspense thriller. Day in and out we see so many unexpected events happening around us, some to us and some to someone else, that we are just left with shock and surprise. Most of the times we do not even know what to do and how to deal with the situation.

No one knows exactly what surprises life has in store for us, so there is a need for us to know the ways as to how to deal with surprises that life gives us. All is well as long as our routine is going undisturbed, but suddenly we hear news that someone close to us had an accident or lost his life, or we lost our job, or there was a theft and all valuables and savings are lost.

These are just some of the many shocks or surprises, these are major and life changing where as the ones we encounter on a daily basis are minor. But it is always good to prepare yourself ahead if by any chance you need to encounter such a situation. It may not happen to you but if you find someone facing such a situation and you happen to be there if you are prepared you can help them. So, let us look at some of the ways to deal with life’s surprises.

1. Change is the only constant thing in life, and we need to accept this fact, the better we understand and digest this fact the easier life will become. So, when ever some unexpected event happens first accept the reality, only then you will be able to work out a solution.
unexpected benefits

2. Sometimes blessings come in disguise, what is now a shocking event or failure may benefit you in some other way. When such a situation arises look for something positive in it may be you have a lesson to earn may be you an inspiration to draw. If you think this way it will be easy for you to handle the situation.

3. Before you react to the unexpected situation in any way first calm down, try to analyze the situation and then think about how it will affect you and if it does, work out on a solution.

4. When you know that there is absolutely nothing in your hands that you can do about what has happened. Try to digest the fact, then instead of getting worried, think about future and how you would mould it.

5. Try to gain control over yourself and focus on increasing your inner strength, self control and will power are the things that will help you in difficult times, and to achieve these start practicing meditation.

Frankly speaking life itself each and every moment is unexpected because all that you know is what you are doing now in this moment; the next moment is not in your hands. So, prepare and move ahead.
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Jul 19, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Self Development

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Now a day’s more and more number of people are showing interest in self development and it is something which is limit less. The more you develop the more you will find the need to change yourself for betterment and to develop more. So, the process is never ending, but the earlier you start with the process the more easy life would become and more progress you would be able to make.

The process of self development starts with the process of changing our inner self. Because no matter how many books we read and how many lecture we hear, until and unless we start implementing them there is no use of all the accumulated knowledge. So, how do we go about it let us check it out.

1. First and for most thing in self development is that you need to overcome resistance not from anyone else but from our own self. Because all these years we have dumped ourselves with undesirable habits and routine and now when we find that there is need for change our previous habits pull us down, which we need to overcome.

2. We need to learn from our surroundings and the people we interact with. Nobody is perfect in this world and there is both negative and positive side of every one take the positive traits and make a note of negative qualities, check if you have them and try to remove those qualities.self development

3. Check your body language and pay attention to your voice modulation. Observe when and why people talk or behave in some way as they do and see the results. Observe your own self, the way you interact and what results it is yielding.

4. The more you read and the more you gain knowledge the more you will grow and increase your efforts towards self development, so, make it a part of your routine to read a book on self development or auto biographies of great leaders.

5. Have a role model or a mentor when you have someone to guide you progress in any path becomes easy because all you have to do is follow what they say do.

If we lead life the same way as we are used to without any progress and development life loses its meaning. So, self development is something we all need to think about and focus.
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Jul 18, 2014

Top 5 Practical Tips to Strengthen Will Power

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Before we discuss anything we need to know what will power is. Will power is nothing but knowing what is good for you physically and mentally and then continuously following only that path without getting influenced by temptations, so that you can achieve your goal.

All of us know the importance exercising will power in our life, but we find it hard when it comes to implementation part. The only difference between those who exercise will power and those who do not is that, those persons with will power achieve success in personal and professional life, and those who do not end up as failures.

You goal may be anything in life and you may stand where ever you are now, but if you strengthen your will, you are sure to see desired results. So, let us get down to the point and see the ways to strengthen will.

1. Stop postponing and start acting, if you have been planning from a long while to wake up and go for a walk in the morning, but every time the alarm goes off, you switch it off and go into your blanket. Stop doing that, and start going out when the alarm goes off.

will power
2. Overcome conflict and win over temptation. Every time you are about to exercise will power you will find that there will be a conflict within you, the lower self dragging you down and asking you to do that which is tempting and is pleasurable and the higher self which warns you and in spite of your disliking asks you to stick to what is right and beneficial. Follow your higher self, whenever there is a conflict.

3. When you know you have to do the work, but you don’t feel like doing it now and instead want to spend time otherwise, in that moment itself get up from where you are and start doing the work.

4. To strengthen the will start making the small changes in your daily routine. If you are addicted to watching television daily, start by reducing the number of hours. If you have the habit of eating excess, start eating a balanced and required portion for the next ten days.

5. Whenever you are posed with a situation where in you have a choice to choose what gives pleasure and what is beneficial, let that which is beneficial to you be your choice. Every time by choosing what is beneficial you strengthen your will.

So, in any given situation look for the long term benefits if you exercise your will, instead of giving up for short term pleasures. When you keep this in your mind and start making choices, you will strengthen your will.
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Jul 17, 2014

Networkplay to increase focus on mobile & online video advertising under new management

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New Delhi: Networkplay, Indian subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr, today announced an enhanced focus on online and mobile video advertising to provide data-driven value creation for the growing Indian publisher industry. Advertisers are searching for new opportunities and video-driven publisher ecosystems are providing a critical advantage.

This announcement is a part of the ongoing process for enhancing the future strategic focus, wherein Ampreet Singh exited from the company in mid-June and a new management team, comprising of Viren Anand and Hitesh Trehan has been appointed to take over the responsibility. Oliver Radtke, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board, Gruner + Jahr commented, "The new management team has a portfolio of resilient leadership and skilled competence. They have the full commitment from G+J to continue our focus on growth in India.”

Commenting on the way forward, Viren Anand, Co-Founder, Director Operations & Publisher alliances, Networkplay said “The digital and mobile advertising industry in India is rapidly evolving with the increasing penetration of smartphones and greater acceptance for digital platforms. Networkplay has been monitoring this exciting growth and is transforming into a future ready digital company, building strong technological competence around current expertise.”

A firm focus on the growing digital industry has been the mantra that has guided Networkplay since its inception. Introduction of innovative solutions like Videoplay – the next generation ecosystem for videos and important associations with key partners like Tradedoubler and T3 IGI airport, reflect the company’s constant commitment towards maximizing reach and targetting relevant audiences for publishers and advertisers alike.

“The Future is what excites us the most,” said Hitesh Trehan, Director - Sales & New Initiatives, Networkplay. “The number of lifestyle devices coupled with speedy technology innovation is creating waves across the industry. It’s a very exciting time for all of us and our team is keeping one eye on the present and the other on the future, by constantly developing first of its kind solutions for our clients.”

About Networkplay:
Acquired in March 2012, by Gruner + Jahr (G+J), a division of Bertelsmann, Networkplay Media Pvt. Ltd. is India’s fastest growing digital agency incubated in 2008 by Webchutney and funded by Capital18. With assets through alliances across various touch points, Networkplay today handles over 500 campaigns in a quarter and over 6 billion impressions per month across Web, DTH and Mobile platforms. It has also successfully run properties of global repute in the areas of events (ad:tech and iMedia Summit) and publishing (iMedia Connection) partnering with DMG events.

With association to over 1000 publishers and 450 advertisers, Networkplay today rightfully enjoys the position of a pioneer that turned around the business dynamics in the market since its inception in 2008.

The expansion of Networkplay through the acquisition of Seventynine in the mobile space in November 2012 and Yocaptcha! in 2013 clearly follows its German stakeholder, G+J’s strategic commitment to grow its digital business in the Indian market.
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Odisha in Earthquake Prone Zone – How safe is Your Home? - Know

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Natural Calamities such as Floods, cyclones and earth quakes are not new to Odisha, and these are recurrent. But what the latest statistics reveal about Odisha should be bothering us. According to Mr. K. V. Singh Deo, seventeen districts among 30 come under Earth Quake Vulnerable Zone III, either fully or partially.

The Earth Quake Zone includes 43 urban areas that include Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Dhenkanal, Talcher, Angul, Balasore and Paradip. In such situation questions arise about the safety of the houses and the apartments we are residing in. But how do we know if the buildings can with stand earth quake? Or if the construction company has taken any such measures during the construction?

Well, as far as Odisha is concerned, BDA has made it compulsory to obtain a certificate from one of the empanelled structural engineers that the building plan can withstand earth quake. It is compulsory for any real estate developer to obtain this certificate from the engineer before obtaining approval of any construction.

earthquake prone zone odisha
The process does not stop here, before handing over the possession of flats or houses to the individuals, the builder needs to produce adherence of its structural plan by the concerned engineer. In case of high raise buildings which are above 30 meters, it is must that the structural plan is checked by NIT or IIT.

But what happens in most of the cases is that the real estate developers knowingly ignore structural safety, just to avoid additional costs. Many individuals who construct individual houses avoid taking plan from the engineers to reduce the costs, which is not at all safe for the construction and the people residing in it.

Just as people look for safety measures in other things, they should also look if safety measures have been taken by the developers before purchasing a flat or an individual structure, and they should ask for and cross check the documents to see if those specifications have been met.

Government is taking measures to see that earth quake resistance norms are followed by those concerned. But there is great need to increase awareness and to educate people regarding the safety measures in construction, against earth quakes.
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Jul 16, 2014

Enjoy What You Have But Aspire to Enhance

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It has been a proven theory that contentment is the basic requirement to lead a peaceful and happy life. Because, until and unless you put a full stop to your list of goals and desires your running behind them will not stop and in the process of achieving them you lose the enjoyment of what you have now.

There is also another well proven fact that, until there is aspiration or desire there is no progress. Even in case of spirituality only when you have set a goal and work towards achieving it you have progress, otherwise you remain where you are.

So, which is good, to be contended with what we have or to aspire for more and to be a part of race that knows no end.
aspire to enhance

Well the secret is to strike a balance between the both, and lead a peaceful life enjoying all the things that are there now and to keep working for those that you are yet to achieve so that you keep progressing.

If your discontentment is for your betterment and for the betterment of the others it is good to be discontent. If you are unhappy about the way things are and aspire to change them and give a new direction it is good to be discontent.

Big people, successful people, great leaders of all times, they aspired for more and did not stop working progressing.

So, cherish and enjoy what you are blessed with now do not have any complaints about them. Think that whatever you are and how ever you are it is because of a reason and for your own betterment. Then aspire to become that which you want to and accepting the present things put your foot towards the future.
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