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Nov 28, 2014

TV Commercials are interesting?

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TV Commercials
TV Commercials are interesting?

Watching television is very interesting s and hobby for many, some people do love to watch the commercials being telecast there. Without these commercials, the TV shows might not be much interesting as we do think.

What makes these TV commercials very interesting? In fact, the break we do need while watching the TV and that slot is the best for commercial business.

In the world of advertisement, TV commercials do play a vital role in generating income as well as entertaining audience.

Every ad or commercial you watch on TV is a master piece of creation. Creative heads might have spent many days in planning and executing the TV in order to present in a creative way.

TV commercial as are interesting to watch and also these make your favourite programme fresh, and the advantage is that even if you miss a bit of it before the advertisement – you can get it back after the advertisement slot.

That makes sense and connects audience with their programme with a fresh look. It is the advertising industry that takes responsibility to present the ads in a creative way.

Credit should be given the creative directors of advertising agencies; those have been trying their best to ads in creative ways.

So, enjoy your favorite daily soap with as many as good TV commercials. 
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Nov 27, 2014

Leading Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr. T. S. Kler Conducts Breakthrough Procedure

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Leading Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr. T. S. Kler
First Time in India, Pacemaker via His Bundle Pacing: Leading Cardiac Electrophysiologist Dr. T. S. Kler Conducts Breakthrough Procedure
The procedure, that imitates the physiological pacing of the heart, is an improvement over traditional pacemaker implantation

The procedure marks a breakthrough not just in India, but also the SAARC region

New Delhi, Nov 27, 2014: In a major breakthrough in the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology in India, leading cardiologists at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre have performed the country’s first pacemaker implant via His Bundle pacing, a technique that saves more lives in the longer run as against the traditional implant procedure.

A team led by Dr T S Kler, HOD Cardiology and Director, Electrophysiology at Fortis Escorts Institute & Research Centre, performed the new procedure on two patients ,a 75-year-old man and another 63 years man ,who needed a pacemaker implant.

It is the first time that cardiologists in India have performed this procedure. In fact, this is the first time this technique has been executed anywhere in the SAARC region.

A human heart needs a pacemaker when heart rate drops to abnormally low lavels either because of inability of natural pulse generater center ( sinus node ) or when there is electrical block of impulse when it travels from right upper chamber to right lower chamber usually at the AV node or below that. An artificial pacemaker replaces the heart’s original electrical impulse generating system with an alternate power generator.

In traditional pacemaker implant, the lead of the pacemaker (or its wires) is attached to the right ventricle apex, a point located at the bottom of the lower right chamber of the heart. The electrical input then travels all the way from this lowest point in the heart upwards towards the base. Normal impulse travels from base of heart to its apex. So in apical pacing electrical impulse travels just the opposite to natural way. A section of people (About 10 to 15 % ) who undergo pacemaker implant through this traditional mode suffer from heart failure due to decrease in pumping capacity of heart caused by right ventricle apical pacing.

The new technology involving pacing through His Bundle pacing cuts this risk of future heart failure to almost zero % . In this breakthrough technique, which is performed by very few doctors across the world, the pacemaker lead is put on directly on the His bundle, which is the junction between the upper and lower chambers of the heart. This replicates the physiological functioning of the heart as the heart’s natural electrical impulses travel in normal human heart.

“In normal heart functioning, the electricity generated in the upper right chamber of the heart travels to the A-V node (atrioventricular node) & His bundle ,which is the bridge between the upper and lower chambers of the heart. This impulse then divides and travels to the left ventricle and the right ventricle. So, naturally speaking, AV Node & His bundle is the point that acts as a natural conductor of electricity from upper chambers to lower chambers of heart. When the AV node is blocked due to a malfunction, the electricity supply interrupts and this necessitates an artificial pacemaker,” says Dr Kler.

“In traditional pacemaker pacing, which is the norm across the world, there is a long-term risk of patients suffering from heart failure. In fact, 10 to 15 % people in traditional pacing do tend to suffer from heart failures in the longer run. The alternate His Bundle pacing is the physiological way of pacing and therefore cuts this risk,” adds Dr Kler.

After conducting the first such two procedures, the doctors are now preparing for a third His Bundle pacing procedure.

Right ventricular apical pacing – as the traditional method is called – is not an ideal procedure for permanent pacing because of a risk for ventricular function deterioration, mitral valve dysfunction, or proarrhythmic effects. His Bundle pacing provides a safer and better technique of providing electricity to lower chambers of heart. But only problem is it is technically more demanding and takes little extra time for the procedure. The cost of this pacemaker is almost the same as previous available devices

Honored with PADMA BHUSHAN by president of india , Dr Kler is pioneer in cardiac electrophysiology in India . He was the one to implant first ICD (device to prevent sudden cardiac death) in 1995 and then heart failure device (CRT-P) and COMBO device (CRT-D)In India.
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5 smart moves before availing a Home loan

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Brijesh Parnami, CEO Destimoney Advisors
5 smart moves before availing a Home loan

Investing in a home is the prime investment most people in the world care about. It is a lifetime dream for any individual. A home loan will be the biggest and most important loan an individual will ever go for in their entire life. This is the primary reason that there is a long list of banks and financial institutions which offer all types of home loans in India. People these days are choosing Home Loans for their different needs. Hence, it's important to make the right decisions when you approach a bank for a home loan to buy your dream house. Here are some important things to watch out for says Brijesh Parnami, CEO Destimoney Advisors

1. Do your own research

Home loans are marketed pretty aggressively by most financial institutions, luring investors with attractive interest rates and schemes. It however pays to take decisions wisely before taking the plunge. It is important to understand the terms and conditions of the loan agreement, penalties, charges etc. Do not hesitate to ask the sales person or the bank to explain or clarify even the slightest information.

2. Set your budget

The first step before embarking on a home-loan application is to decide on your budget. A standard home loan will cover upto 80% of your requirement (the overall cost of the property). You will need to raise a minimum of 20% and also separately, take into account stamp duty, registration charges, brokerage etc.

3. Know eligibility for a home loan

Loan eligibility is calculated based on your ability to pay and the cost of the house. There are a number of ways you can increase your loan eligibility. For instance you may choose longer loan tenure in return for higher eligibility. You may request the bank to club the incomes of close relatives like your spouse or parents.

4. Calculate Interest Rates and other Fees

These rates vary from institution to institution and through certain periods of time through the year when special promotional offers and discounts are in place. Beware of such banking terminology as ‘fixed rate’, ‘floating rate’ and ‘reducing balance’. Discuss these factors thoroughly before deciding on an option that suits you best.

5. Documents need to furnish

One should be aware of the requisite documents for a home loan procedure. Some of the basic documents include Photo Identity, Pan Card, Address proof, Bank Statement, Salary Slip, Form 16 etc. that one needs to submit for availing a home loan.
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Nov 26, 2014

Essilor offers Crizal Anti Fatigue Lens

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Essilor offers Crizal Anti Fatigue Lens
Essilor offers Crizal Anti Fatigue Lens

Are Your Eyes Fatigued by Overuse? Essilor offers Crizal Anti Fatigue lens to reduce daily Visual Fatigue in our technology packed world

· Crizal Anti Fatigue lens combines far vision correction with unique features to reduce weariness of the eyes commonly known as Visual Fatigue Syndrome

New Delhi, Nov, 2014: In a technology-laden world dominated by computers and smart devices, our eyes feel the pressure of non-stop usage and continued stress daily. Taking into account the changing needs of the time, leading French lens maker Essilor has offered Crizal Anti Fatigue lens -- a new solution to fight Visual Fatigue -- a common side-effect of constant eye usage.

According to different researches and estimates, average time spent in front of the computers has increased by 65 per cent over the past five years. At the same time, we spend three hours in front of television sets on an average every day. Add to it the rapid growth of tablet PCs and Smartphones, and there is reason to believe that visual stress on our eyes is only increasing by the day.

We also spend 80 per cent of our time indoors surrounded by harmful artificial light and air conditioning. All this makes it clear that the eyes have developed new needs.

Tired and weary eyes, headaches, blurred vision, itching and burning are symptoms that more and more people are reporting every day.

So, how can we make sure that we continue to absorb the benefits of advanced technology and devices while making them easy on the eyes? Researchers at Essilor spent considerable time at this question and devices a technologically advanced solution to the problem of growing visual stress and fatigue.

Crizal Anti Fatigue lens combines far vision correction and unique features to reduce visual fatigue and is ideal for people in the age bracket of 35-45 years as well as for eyeglass wearers.

Crizal Anti Fatigue is a patented design advanced single vision lens, designed specially to relieve the symptoms of visual fatigue. The lenses support the wearer’s accommodation efforts with an additional plus power at near vision (+0.60 D) and an instant adaptation. This provides a greater level of comfort for the wearer as the natural accommodation pattern is retained.

“The needs of the eyes today are not the same as they were 10 years back. Today, there is no escape from computer screens and smart devices; most of us are on the systems for hours at a stretch. Even after work hours, our eyes continue to feel the stress as we surf through Internet on I pads, watch TV and use smartphones. Most of us are glued to our devices even as we are on the road travelling from work to home and vice versa. These changed circumstances need extra care to reduce Visual Fatigue on the eye. Crizal Anti-Fatigue are visual lenses that reduce visual fatigue by 50 per cent. The lens not only corrects ametropia, but also allows the wearer to enjoy the day from beginning to end amidst all activities,” says says Mr. Shivkumar J, CEO Essilor India.

Visual Fatigue is actually caused by focusing on objects one to three feet away for extended periods of time. This is why staring at computer screens, reading material, and even cell phones can lead to Visual Fatigue Syndrome.

Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses are intended as a primary-pair replacement for patients’ single-vision lenses. Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses feature a special “Power Boost” area in the lower portion of the lens, to give the wearer’s eyes greater clarity and comfort when focusing up-close for extended periods. This accommodative relief in the near vision provides wearers with greater comfort than standard vision correction.

If you are one of those people whose eyes seldom find rest throughout the action-packed day, you need to add the comfort and protection of Crizal Anti-Fatigue to your daily life. Meant to replace single vision glasses for greater comfort, Crizal Anti Fatigue is a unique lens that combines distance correction with three specific features – specific design geometry, filter and coating – to support accommodation efforts and increase comfort.
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Celebrating the spirit of music and life, unveils ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana’ campaign

New Delhi:, India’s favorite music streaming service has launched a unique musical campaign for brand promotion. The brand has strategically chosen the content marketing route for this musical campaign. The launch has been subtle with a musical single released last month. Titled ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye’; the song has been composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Benny Dayal and Anusha Mani. The recently released music video on YouTube has already fetched over a million views and in the coming few days, TVCs supported by a high decibel media plan Is also being rolled out. has for the last two years served as the ultimate music destination across genres and music preferences. Recently launched Gaana 5.0, with a slick black theme & hourly playlist feature, has already led to a 20% increase in average time spent by users and a 26% increase in songs listened per user.

‘Bas Bajna Chahiye’ campaign will further give a push to the app. It is a first-of-its-kind content marketing initiative that promotes as a brand. The song reflects the various moods and occasions where “Gaana” plays a role and even uses the word 'Gaana', as an integral part of the music video.

Commenting on the occasion, Pratik Mazumder, Vice President & Head Marketing, Times Internet says – “Being the category leader in the music streaming space, we felt that the brand name itself provided the opportunity to define the category and therefore we took this route. In this musical campaign, we have emphasized on the fact that all moments & situations in life can be made awesome with music. ‘Jo bhi situation to make it awesome’ with, Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana”. We roped in some of India’s most talented musicians to create an amazing song for us which we shared with our users. The tremendous response has only encouraged us to take this forward and convert this in to a full-fledged campaign & launch it across different media vehicles”.

‘Bas Bajna Chahiye’ song is garnering popularity amongst music lovers. The campaign has been created by M&C Saatchi.

This will be the very first multimedia campaign for Gaana that will run across TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Cinema and of course digital and Social media. Over the next few months, more such videos, centered around the theme will be released. These videos along with main campaign will continue to highlight various occasions, moments, moods where music plays a pivotal role & will continue to reinforce the ‘’ brand in the consumer’s mind, thus making it an integral part of everyone’s life wherever anyone plays music …errr… Gaana.

For further information:
Yashmeen Barua 9811699757
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Nov 25, 2014

Firefox unveils its latest Maximus Bike: the new breed of Mountain Bikes

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Firefox unveils its latest Maximus Bike: the new breed of Mountain Bike
  • The bike with 29” wheels is made for the bumpy trails/
  • The 29” wheeled bike guarantees amazing smoothness, grip and speed
New Delhi: Firefox, a leading name in the premium bike segment in India recently rolled out its 29” wheeled Maximus Mountain bike to render a smooth experience every time you hit the rough terrain. The bigger wheel of the bike promises better momentum while riding on bumpy roads and maintains your speed through narrow twists and turns.

The Maximus Bike is engineered in an innovative way to give you an enhanced biking experience. The gigantic wheels of the mountain bike offer umpteen benefits. The wider circumference of its wheels, higher air volume in its tires and larger contact patch with ground helps it to roll smoothly over rocky surfaces. The hardy mountain bike is also able to cover more distance per pedal revolution.

The Maximus Bike is a complete package comprising big wheels, remarkable smoothness, amazing grip and speed. The enormous size of the wheels has now become the ideal size for wheels in racing bikes and the racing world has embraced this robust bike built for the trail with much enthusiasm.

About Firefox
Firefox is a leading name in the premium bike segment in India. Based out of Greater Noida, Firefox caters to all age groups and segments of biking from MTB, Road, Hybrid, BMX to Kids. It has tie-ups with various international brands for bikes and accessories like Trek, Tern, Shimano, Saris, Finishline, Slime, Warner Brothers, MTV and Popeye Firefox. The USP of Firefox is that it offers complete biking solutions of international standards to its customers under one roof.

Their network is spread across 75 cities with over 150 outlets throughout the country. Firefox plans to expand its retail presence with 7 additional outlets in the next quarter and 30 new stores each successive year. The Firefox and Trek segment enjoys a solid market position with very little competition as they offer a wide range of over 75 bike models which caters to all age groups. The company targets its products at high-income salaried groups, corporate professionals, kids and young parents.

The mission of the company is to create and retain the position of being an aspirational brand for bikes and accessories in India and to have presence in every potential city of the country.

Price : INR 24,750
  • Wheels : Alloy 32H Double Wall Rims
  • Tires : KENDA 29 X 2.1"
  • Front/Rear Wheel & Seat post with QR
  • Please refer to the Specs sheet for the detailed information.
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Nov 21, 2014

BRICS covers the great commerce leap of the decade- e-commerce

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BRICS covers the great commerce leap of the decade- e-commerce

Organized the e-Commerce Conclave 2014 at the India International Centre, Delhi

Justifying its cause, BRICS Chamber of Commerce &Industry organized an ‘e-Commerce Conclave 2014’which was held on 19 November 2014 at The Indian International Center, New Delhi. The conclave focused on the most relevant topic of the decade, e-Commerce which has not only taken over markets but has also provided a wide platter of convenience filled buying experience to the consumers.

The gathering included eminent personalities of the industry who shared an intelligent flow of ideas regarding the subject of e-commerce at the BRICS Conclave. Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad,Hon’ble Minister of IT and Telecommunications glorified the event with his presence as Chief Guest of the evening.

Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad laid emphasis on the contexts of technology and commerce as a collective. He highlighted the Indian horizon of commerce by reflecting the magnitude of potential that the Indian entrepreneurs hold. He shared some brief and interesting anecdotes weighing on the passion and enthusiasm which young India holds for e-commerce.

The key note address was followed by three different panel discussions concerning topics such as Technology: Innovative ideas and Road Maps in the e-Commerce industry, Payments and Securities issues, fund raising and investor's role in e-commerce. The panel members included names like Mr. Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO,; Mr. Atul Gupta, Partner, KPMG; Mr. Kashinath Hariharan, Joint General Manager, ICICI Bank and Mr. Rajiv Mathur, Chairman, MobiMedia Technologies Ltd.

“Effective communication and consumer value is important for the sustainability of any e-commerce model. The consumer value would automatically attachits customers. This eventually would act as a brand in itself and attract investors for fund raising. The vendors are the first partners who should be selected keeping in mind that they should be in-line with organizational goals like the company itself for long term association and sustainable growth”, said Mr. Vikram Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO,, one of the key panelists at the Conclave.

The conference ended with a vote of thanks by the Secretary General of BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. B.B.L. Madhukar.
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CA Study Reveals Enterprises in Asia Pacific and Japan are Most Impacted by the Application Economy

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CA Study Reveals Enterprises in Asia Pacific and Japan are Most Impacted by the Application Economy

94% of Line of business executives face increased pressures to launch new applications faster

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today unveiled an Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) study which revealed that APJ enterprises are most affected by the Application Economy, compared to enterprises in the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

More than half of the APJ senior IT and business leaders surveyed (APJ:57%; Americas: 46%; EMEA: 45%) are seeing a significant impact of the application economy on their industry, and 53% (Americas: 45%; EMEA: 35%) are already experiencing the effects on their own organization.

CA TechnologiesWhile enterprises across APJ recognize the impact of the application economy, less than half of the respondents (49%) felt that they are very or highly effective in responding to it. Security concerns (41%) and budget constraints (36%) were cited as the biggest obstacles.

To better cope and meet the new demands of the application economy, enterprises in APJ are taking the following steps:

- Increasing investments by an average of 18% over the next five years

- Acquiring software companies to add development capabilities - 38% have made a software acquisition or plan to in the next year

- Delivering an average of six customer applications in the past year– 42% developed four or more customer applications

The Line of Business (LOB) executives in APJ are also feeling the pressure of the application economy. An overwhelming 94% of them are facing increased pressure to release applications more quickly due to customer demand (58%) and competitive pressures (65%).

Despite the rapid rate of application delivery (average of six customer applications and six internal applications delivered in the past year), only 15% of LOB executives are completely satisfied with IT's speed in delivering new applications or services. As a result, 82% of enterprises surveyed have adopted or are planning to adopt DevOps to increase application delivery.

infographic on survey
“As it was at the advent of the Internet Age where websites became ubiquitous, today, applications have become fundamental to every business that wants to survive and thrive in the application economy,” said Kenneth Arredondo, president & general manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “In a hyper-connected region like APJ, applications are redefining customer interactions and spearheading business growth initiatives. This study has shown that IT decision makers in APJ are acting quickly to better respond to customer demands and rapid advances brought on by the application economy.”

The Application Divide in APJ

The study also identified a set of “Leaders” and “Laggards” in the application economy. By embracing the application economy, the “Leaders” in APJ are distinctly outperforming the “laggards” in all key business metrics, creating an application divide in APJ.

According to the study, “Leaders” are growing revenue more than four times and profit more than three times the rate of “Laggards”. “Leaders” are also experiencing more than double of the business coming from new products and services than their “Laggard” counterparts.

“Leaders” in APJ are deploying several technologies and processes in order to survive and thrive in the application economy. Here are some key findings:

- 43%of the “Leaders” have adopted DevOps methodologies and technologies to speed application delivery compared to only 4% of the “Laggards”.

- “Leaders” are spending more on security compared to “Laggards”. One-third of all IT spending is expected to be spent on security in three years by the leaders.

- "Leaders" manage IT as a business and report better overall IT performance. They are far more likely to frequently use software tools to manage IT as a business.

- More than two-thirds (69%) of the "Leaders" a readopting mobility as an enterprise-wide strategy versus 14% of the “Laggards”, with clear evidence of increased customer satisfaction and faster time-to-market.

Survey Methodology

650senior IT and business leaders from financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail telecommunications and media / entertainment in six markets in Asia Pacific and Japan, namely Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Singapore, participated in the CA Technologies-sponsored study conducted by Vanson Bourne. This is part of a global survey involving nine other countries in the Americas, and EMEA. Click here to download the whitepaper and learn more about the research.
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Steria and Raincode join forces in a privileged partnership

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RaincodeSteria and Raincode join forces in a privileged partnership

Steria, a leading provider of end-to-end IT-enabled business services, and Raincode, a leading supplier of programming language analysis and transformation tools, announced today a new partnership to offer strong IT services for customers who have chosen to implement Raincode’s technological stack.

In the context of Steria’s Global Legacy Modernization offer “RightModernization”, Steria and Raincode have built a privileged partnership to promote and deploy Raincode’s rehosting stack to customers considering legacy modernization towards a Microsoft environment as a strategic option.

The Raincode stack adds technological value to this offering as it consists of a comprehensive solution to move legacy systems off the mainframe and re-host them in a homogeneous Microsoft environment & infrastructure.

This additional stack helps reduce costs, improve flexibility and secure the future evolution of the modern IT landscape in terms of current disruptive IT trendslike mobility and cloud. Applications (COBOL&PL/I) can be migrated automatically, and moreover, the Microsoft Visual Studio plugin provides a comfortable and productive development environment to facilitate application evolutions directly using the target technology, .NET.

In combination with Steria’s end-to-end IT services capabilities, from applications and data totesting andinfrastructure, modernization projects will be executed withrobust project management and governance, integration and deployment expertise.

Darius Blasband, Raincode CEO: “Some legacy computer applications have technical dependences and run on systems and infrastructures that are now or will soon be unsupported. These applications are critical to the business core activities and must be updated. Raincode’s role is to migrate these applications onto more robust, modern and supportable environments. We are pleased and honored to work with Steria, with whomwe share values of creativity, openness and respect.”

Philippe Calvet, Steria Group – Service Lines Director: “We are happy to count Raincode among the privileged partners of our “RightModernization” offer. This partnership will be a catalyst for companies searching to move away from legacy mainframe environments and willing to adopt standard Microsoft technologies. The solution created by Raincode will not only enable our clients to save money but will get them ready to adopt current and future IT paradigms. The joint forces of a global integrator like Steria, offering end-to-end IT services, and Raincode, will prove to be key to unlocking business value for our customers.”
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Nov 20, 2014

Ministry of HUPA convenes meeting of States, UTs on shelters for urban homeless

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Ministry of HUPA convenes meeting of States, UTs on shelters for urban homeless

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation has convened a meeting of the Chief Secretaries of all the States and Union Territories tomorrow i.e November 21, 2014 to discuss their action plans regarding provision of temporary and permanent shelters for homeless in urban areas of the country. This meeting has been convened in pursuance of the direction of the Supreme Court of India.

The Apex Court, in the matter of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) regarding shelters for homeless, on November 13, 2014 directed the Ministry of HUPA to convene such a meeting within ten days for taking stock of availability of shelters and file an affidavit within three weeks, on the way forward.

The direction of the Supreme Court came further to the filing of affidavits by some states and union territories in the matter where in the Court sought a detailed response from the Ministry of HUPA.

The meeting will discuss the number of people in states/UTs, number of temporary and permanent shelters available, future plans for construction and improvement of shelters and the steps taken by states/UTs to implement the Scheme of Shelters for urban homes under National Urban Livelihood Mission.

After eliciting the responses of states and UTs in the matter of night shelters, Minister of Urban Development and HUPA Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu will hold a day long session with the Chief Secretaries to discuss various initiatives of the central government pertaining to building of smart cities, provision of basic infrastructure in 500 urban areas, development of heritage cities, Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana (DAY) and Housing for all Urban Poor by 2022 besides issues relating to urban governance, urban reforms and capacity building.
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