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Oct 25, 2014 launches “Lounge” - Brings the best in international fashion at unbelievable prices

IN · · Leave a Comment launches “Lounge” - Brings the best in international fashion at unbelievable prices

FashionAndYou, India’s leading online fashion and lifestyle flash sales website has launched its exclusive“Lounge” section, giving the stylish patrons of the website access to the premium international & exclusive fashion labels at discounted prices.

Big international brands of the likes of Hugo Boss, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Coach, Porsche Design, Tory Burch, D&G, DKNY and exclusive designer labels like Garotas, Monica Ricci, Elite Goby, Dogo, Toms, Glam-a-Gal, Free Spirit and Hoodie Buddie are being featured in the Lounge, with many more in the offing.

From fashion apparel to resort Wear, fashion accessories to fine crafted footwear, the FashionAndYou “Lounge” will host a wide assortment of premium international & national brands, along with exclusive designer labels from world over.

The offering will cater to the customers who have an aspirational desire of owning great brands, great designs at great value.
Fashionandyou CEO, Aasheesh Mediratta said, “The launch of the “Lounge” is one step further towards our promise to provide our customers with a unique offering of global fashion & differentiated lifestyle brands at great prices. “Lounge”, with the best-in-class international fashion brands & exclusive designer labels caters to the customers who don’t have access to these premium fashion brands and would love to indulge in these brands.”

He further adds, “The response to the launch has been overwhelming and the proposition is already contributing to 5% of our topline. It’s an extension of our core value proposition of making premium fashion brands available at affordable prices.”


As India’s leading online flash website is a leader in Fashion & Lifestyle space. has partnered with high fashion and premium brands across fashion apparel, designer wear, handbags, footwear, watches, jewellery, fragrances and home décor. It holds 15+ new sale events per day on boasts of one of the biggest social media footprints for e-retailers in India with a million plus fan base on Facebook. It is the first e-commerce website to achieve this milestone in the fashion and lifestyle segment worldwide.

Since its inception, has grown at a remarkable pace with almost 5.5 million members and growing in its more than 4 years of operation.

It delivers to over 10000 pin codes pan India and distribution centers in north and west launches over 15 new sales every day, enabling their customers to choose from a large variety of fashion and lifestyle products at up to 80% off.
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Oct 21, 2014

CA Technologies Named a Leader in API Management by Independent Research Firm

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CA Technologies Named a Leader in API Management by Independent Research Firm

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced it is named a “Leader” in “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014.*”

The solutions evaluated for the report included CA API Gateway (formerly CA Layer 7 API Gateway), CA Mobile API Gateway (formerly CA Layer 7 Mobile Access Gateway) and CA API Developer Portal (formerly CA Layer 7 Portal).

“…CA’s solution has among the best API security, message transformation and integration features in our evaluation. Among the traditional gateway vendors, Layer 7** was an early mover into the API management space, which has given CA a head start to round out the features of its portal and tooling for API product managers. The gateway’s mobile app support is also among the best in our evaluation,” Forrester analysts stated.

Forrester analysts evaluated 11 API Management vendors against 40 criteria. CA scored the highest rating for the API transformation and integration, and product strategy criteria.

CA Technologies“APIs are a cornerstone for innovation and business growth in the application economy,” said Phil Walston, vice president, product management, CA Technologies.

“Our API management and security suite gives organizations the confidence to publicly open valuable data and application functionality as APIs and help developer teams and business leaders realize faster delivery of mobile apps and cloud services to drive business value and profitability.”

The CA API Management suite enables:
  •  Seamless data integration across on-premise, cloud and platform-as-a-service offerings.
  •  Accelerated and secure app development through developer onboarding, software development kits, interactive documentation and auto-generated code samples.
  •  Mobile and IoT initiatives by connecting enterprise data with devices, including the cable box and automobile, keeping consumers engaged.
  •  Secure and convenient interactions across multiple channels, giving customers the flexibility to use the method and device of their choice.

To receive a complimentary copy of the report, please visit “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014.” To learn more about CA Technologies API Management solutions, visit

*Forrester Research, Inc., “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2014,” September 29, 2014.

** CA Technologies acquired Layer 7 Technologies in June 2013.

About CA Technologies

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Software is at the heart of every business in every industry. From planning, to development, to management and security, CA is working with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate – across mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. Learn more at  
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Apartment Blocks Really ‘A-Part-ments’

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By G. Gayathri

This incident happened in real. A posh apartment complex in a metropolitan, with all the modern amenities and comforts. It's night ten o clock and someone is having dinner, someone is already asleep and someone is busy with the cores at home.

Suddenly there is lot of activity and everyone is running down to the cellar area, suddenly there is a knock on the door and all of us were asked immediately to switch off the main and leave to the cellar area.

There is some malfunction in the main of the block where all the electricity mains are there and it has caught fire and sparks were already seen in homes at the ground level.

So everyone is immediately alerted and asked to come down. Every one left home as it is and left for down stairs, where everyone is assembled.

Fire engine has come and everyone is talking about the accident and long it will take to restore the mains and how difficult it would be to manage without electricity.

As it is an apartment complex there are buildings opposite and beside this block where the incident took place. There, from that block, people are peeping from the windows and doors trying to find out what is happening and some are closing their already open doors, switching off lights, as if they have seen nothing and nothing matters to them.

There are nearly four blocks in the complex and not one person from another block has come to find out at least what has happened and offered any kind of help or anything.

All living in the same building, all working in corporate and multinational companies drawing salaries in lakhs, very well educated and living high end lifestyle.

I was wonder struck, what kind of educated persons are we and have our hearts also become so concrete, living in the concrete jungle? Don’t we feel anything for our fellow humans and are we just living life as money making machines and nothing else.

By God’s grace nothing serious happened and everyone was safe. But what kind of humans are we if something happens to a crow all other crows come and at least make noise, animals and birds have this sense, but what happened to humans?

People in the cities feel that they are superior to people in villages and in towns but in a remote place and in villages or for that matter in slums that are there in the cities if something happens every one comes together and stands united. These are the things that we definitely need to learn from them and from birds and animals even.

Let us get back to our basics and the roots from where we hail. Let us try to remember that we are humans and we are supposed to have a responding and sensitive heart. Our greatness and development does not lie in foreign degrees and corporate cheques, but the way behave and lead life, not just living for ourselves and for our family, but thinking of helping others in times of necessity.
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Mom's Favourite online fashion stop is now all set to be Kid's favourite too

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Mom's Favourite online fashion stop is now all set to be Kid's favourite too, India’s leading online flash website, has added a new category for kids to its repertoire. You can now shop for all your needs as well as those of your kids on the one-stop-shop of high fashion and premium brands.

The kids’ category will include the best of brands & offering across categories like ethnic and western apparel, footwear, home furnishings and skin care items.

FashionAndYou CEO AasheeshMediratta said, “At FashionAndYou, we have the privilege of serving a large and loyal customer base. With the addition of Kids category, our valued customers will be able to shop for themselves and their children from a single destination.

The category will showcase curated offerings across branded fashion, footwear and home accessories for kids at great prices"

In tune with FashionAndYou’s core value proposition, the offering is discounted and is mostly in branded space for children. For now, aspecialised international offering of niche global brands is available in the Infant-to-12 year old category.

However, by the start of next year the flash website is planning to host sales for teens as well, making them an ultimate stop-shop for all the lifestyle needs of customers and their families.

FashionAndYou has brought on board only the most well-known brands in kids category to be showcased through daily events / sales. The brands showcased include discounted offering from Benetton, Crocs, Disney, Puma, Levi’s, Aveeno, Spiderman and Barbie. Like the other flash sales on the site, the kids’ category events will also last for 3-5 days and will offer discounts of up to 80%.

Style your little divas and rockstars with the carefully-curatededits of cool and stylish apparel from eclectic brands. Pickstylish additions for your child’s wardrobes while you shop for your own. Shopping for the whole family has never been this fun and easy as it is now with FashionAndYou!


As India’s leading online flash website is a leader in Fashion & Lifestyle space. has partnered with high fashion and premium brands across fashion apparel, designer wear, handbags, footwear, watches, jewelry, fragrances and home décor. It holds 20+ new sale events per day on boasts of one of the biggest social media footprints for e-retailers in India with a million plus fan base on Facebook. It is the first e-commerce website to achieve this milestone in the fashion and lifestyle segment worldwide.

Since its inception, has grown at a remarkable pace with almost 5.5 million members and growing in its more than 4 years of operation. It delivers to over 10000 pin codes pan India and distribution centers in north and west India. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the fact that has over 20 new sales every day, enabling their customers to choose from a large variety of fashion and lifestyle products at up to 80% off.
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Light it up with

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Light it up with

Let the festivities pour into your home with pomp and show. How about lighting up your nooks and corners with some smart state-of-the-art DIY ideas?

Besides adding a personal touch, these frolic creativities are full-proof ways that ensure not to bother your pocket at all.

Take some inspirations here and get ready to render your home an all new glam and glitzy look, that too without going overboard.

Jar chandeliers, rustic beauties: Now this sounds a little tricky. Fret not, here’s how you can easily make it at home. Take a mason jar; fill in with sand to keep the candle intact and to avoid the jar from turning black from heat.

Tie a rope around the neck, lit the candle & go hang them all over your backyard.

Floating candles, mesmerizing effects: Trust, this one never fades! Fill a crystal bowl with water and stick some yellow floating candles in it. Throw in some daisy flowers to give it a fresh feel.

Bottle lamps, sparkling wonders: Enchanting as ever! Get the glass drilled – a small (half an inch) hole near the base of the bottle.

Once done, just put in some strands of lights. Add some pearls in the bottom to enhance. Switch on the power and spark the town.

Decked up candles, classic detailing: Candle, glue and simple waste leaves! You just need these three to get these winsome candles.

Rollover the glue on candle and paste leaves on it. Press it to fix it hard with the help of a spoon or simply tie a bamboo rope to give it a rustic appeal.
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Airtel and Samsung launch India’s first Integrated Digital TV

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Airtel and Samsung launch India’s first Integrated Digital TV (iDTV)
  • Take the lead in introducing a television with a built-in Smart Card that will allow customers to enjoy TV viewing without an external set top box
  • Enable a smart TV viewing experience with minimal signal loss and maximum audio & video clarity 
New Delhi, October 21, 2014: Airtel digital TV, the Direct-To-Home (DTH) service from Bharti Airtel, today announced its partnership with Samsung to launch India’s very first Integrated Digital TV (iDTV).

As part of this innovation - Samsung’s range of SmartDirect TVs will come designed with an in-built Airtel digital TV Smart Card which will enable DTH signal reception without the need for customers to install an external set-top-box (STB).

The Integrated Digital TV (iDTV) capability will deliver a smart TV viewing experience for customers through minimal signal loss and maximum audio & video clarity while also ensuring maximum power savings.

airtel“We at Airtel digital TV are always looking for new ways to deliver an experience for our customers that is truly innovative and world class. In line with this commitment, we are today excited to announce our collaboration with Samsung to launch the Integrated Digital TV and introduce the Indian market to its next phase of TV viewing experience”, said Mr. Shashi Arora, CEO – DTH & Media, Bharti Airtel.

Developed post an extensive R&D, the iDTV is a smart solution that not only enables a hassle free TV setup that has fewer wires but will also assist in reduction in signal loss (between the set-top-box and TV). iDTV offers a single remote solution powered by an intuitive user guide. 
“The in-built Airtel DTH smart card supports direct signal reception from the dish antenna, thus enabling crystal clear audio-video quality and making these Samsung TVs the smartest available in the marketplace today”, added Mr. Arora.

Commenting at the launch, Mr. Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics said, “We are thrilled to partner with Airtel to launch India’s First Smart Direct TV with an in-built iDTV technology in India. 
The clutter free, convenient and ultimate viewing experience offered by iDTV showcases Samsung’s commitment to provide consumer-centric products. Samsung has consistently revolutionised the television segment by introducing superior products, modern technology and distinctive content to provide the latest and best home entertainment experience to our consumers.”

Powered by HD technology, iDTV creates a more immersive viewing experience coupled with intuitive user interface giving customers greater control of their entertainment experience. 
The iDTV set includes the Samsung SmartDirect TV and Airtel Digital TV’s Smart Card. It is now available across Samsung Plazas and all leading multi-retail outlets for prices at starting INR 44,900/-. 
Customers purchasing the all new iDTV can also enjoy a limited period introductory offer that offers 4 months of free subscription of Airtel DTH services. Customers can call 12148 or 18605006500 for more details.
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Wonderchef aims to make gifting a Wonderful experience this Diwali

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New Delhi, 20th October 2014: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor promoted kitchen appliance brand “Wonderchef” offers some innovative and attractive promotional offers this Diwali.

To boost up the thoughts and desires of re-decorating kitchen of customers it added a “Fashion” statement in its offerings where 4-seasons range of cookware is being launched in exclusive partnership with Shoppers Stop and Moreover it is offering discounts ranging from 20% to 50% on entire range are being offered in the 5 days leading to diwali.

To enhance the festive spirit in customers Wonderchef has taken some aggressive promotional drive with the discount offers. It expects that these offers are going to give almost a month's worth of sale in coming 5 days.

Wonderchef is also going aggressive on e-commerce as well as in departmental stores by offering mega deals for customers to the tune of 50% off on select ranges. It expects that Google ads and mailers in partnership with leading sites like Amazon and Snapdeal would utilise 33% of its annual budget for FY 2014-15

Announcing the Diwali offers Mr. Ravi Saxena, CEO, WonderChef expressed optimistic revelation for most exquisite gifting options to customers. He said, “This Diwali, we have introduced fashion into cookware for our customers, Customers look for not only high perceived value, but also long term benefit and real value to recipient.”

The company also announced the launch of its own Television show on Food Food Channel. “The tremendous response we have received has prompted us to take television to the next level. We are looking investing over 20 million INR on just television and over 30 million INR on consumer promotions this festive season.” added Mr. Saxena. A key focus channel of the organisation will be e-commerce for this festive season apart from all traditional channels that Wonderchef has been part of.

It has also extended festive offers drive to its franchisees and business partners where the top 3 franchisees in Diwali sales would be invited to Mumbai to have an exclusive dinner with our CEO Mr. Ravi Saxena and chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

They see a confidence building and encouragement through such meet and greet initiatives. Moreover, to be more friendly with their regular and loyal customers, Wonderchef is offering 25% additional discount on Wonderchef website.
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Oct 20, 2014

Our Turn to Fulfill our Duty as a Citizen and Give a Helping Hand

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Our Turn to Fulfill our Duty as a Citizen and Give a Helping Hand 
By G.Gayathri

Life in Visakhapatnam is slowly coming back to normal, thanks to the government’s quick action and efforts. In this aspect, the efforts of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N. Chandra Babu Naidu are worth praising and imitating.

The government is doing everything possible to bring back Vizag to its formal state and even better than that, making changes that are favorable towards the development of the place. But we as the citizens of this country have our own responsibility too to make things better, and if we co-operate and extend our helping hand to the government, things will gain a faster pace.

Many citizens are seen volunteering themselves to help the officials in the restoration work and in making the city clean and this is a good and welcome change. But, the damage that has happened is severe and we need more helping hands. Voluntary organizations should also lend a helping hand in making things better, if each citizen at least one person from a family comes out and tries to make the place in front of his home clean, the city would be neat and clean in no time.

Youngsters should come forward, form into a group of four or five and should try to make their street or lane clean or at least they should help the people who are doing the work. The city is ours, the state is ours, and the country is ours, we are the future of this country and we as a citizen, have responsibility to give a helping hand to the Government to make things better at the earliest possible. Not to favour someone, but to do good to our own selves and to make our life better.

We should feel proud that today’s youngsters are responsible and have a sense of social responsibility. The damage that has happened is beyond any estimates and it is expected to be a minimum of fifty thousand crores. It is highly impossible for any single state that too newly formed state where even the capital has to be developed to bear such a huge amount, it will not be easy for the central Government either to bear all the damage.

So, we as citizens of this country should lend a helping hand in making things better for our fellow brothers and sisters, we may belong to different states and places but we are all sons and daughters of this country, and we have responsibility towards our fellow brothers and sisters. It is a good sign that all the State government officials have contributed their two days salary to the Chief Ministers relief fund. Many people belonging to the film industry and other industries are also coming forward and extending their financial help to make things better.

We each one of us should do whatever we can to help the government to make things better. If we can afford giving money we should do that, if we can give services for free we should do that, in that way if we act as a responsible citizen everyone would prosper. The contribution that we make may be even a rupee but it will make things better, because small drops of water make an ocean. We always blame our system and politicians for the way things are, but now this is the time for us to act as responsible citizens and help our fellow brothers and sisters.

So, as Swami Vivekananda said, it’s time for us to Arise and Awake and to fulfill our duty as true citizens. Those who are interested in making contributions can send their donation to.

Chief Ministers Relief Fund
A/c No. 909010035184192
IFSC Code UTI B 0000008
Axis Bank
Begum Pet
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Modi Wave in Maharashtra and Haryana

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Modi Wave in Maharashtra and Haryana

What could be spectacular, than winning two states in the assembly elections - Maharashtra and Haryana - for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ? It is the victory for the saffron party  in the land of Maratha, where it had alliance with Shiv Sena for last 25 years.

The split was proved in the favour of the BJP and people have given a mandate to the BJP. To form the government in Maharashtra, BJP needs 23 members' support, it has 122 seats in 288 member-Assembly. The NCP would support the BJP government in Maharashtra from out side.

Modi wave was the prime force that brought vote swing the assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. Where voters have bestowed their confidence on the BJP and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who completed 100 plus days in his office.

With the winning two more states into BJP's account, the chief Amit Shah becomes most powerful person in Indian politics, who had played a major role in shaping the party's performance in the general elections.

Shiv Sena won 63 seats in Maharashtra, was the old ally of BJP, broken the alliance over the issue of seat sharing. With NCP agreeing to support the BJP to form the government, Shiv Sena's role could be less effective in supporting BJP to form the government. 

BJP celebration
Pic credit:
Modi wave did it again after the general elections, and the wave was enough to weigh high on the Congress party - winning very few seats in both the states.

In Haryana, BJP is in majority to form the government, winning 47 of the 90 seats. Experts, believe that the elections results could give more power to the NDA government for economic reforms - the need of the hours to bring economic stability in India.
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Oct 17, 2014

Shri N. Chandra Babu Naidu A True Leader

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By G.Gayathri

If the head of the family is a competent person, that family will prosper. If the head of the city or village is a capable person, that place will prosper, if the head of the state is a competent and capable person, no matter how worse the situations are, that state will prosper. And no matter what and how the circumstances are if people stay together and help each other in crisis and in difficult times they can overcome any difficult situation.

This fact is again proved in Andhra Pradesh and in Visakhapatnam. Andhra Pradesh is a newly formed state and has many challenges to overcome.

Visakhapatnam city of steel, and a city which was to be developed into a smart city, but nature had its own plans and severe cyclone hit Visakhapatnam in the form of Hud hud and changed the face of Vizag.

N. Chandra Babu NaiduBy utilizing technology and information government saved the lives of people and they were successful in this aspect.

Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu acted liked a head of the family, gave moral support to the people of Vizag by staying there and clearing things and bringing them to normalcy at the earliest and record time. He demonstrated practically how one should deal with disaster weather in state or in any other situation.

He showed that working towards the solution of the problem and trying to make things better is the best way to handle any problem instead of worrying about the problem.

He also demonstrated the way a head of the state or a country should act in time of crisis or disaster. Even now he is seen only talking about the future and how we should work together to bring things back to normal and then start working towards making Vizag a smart city.

He proved the fact that if the leader is capable person he can bring everything in order and can erase the word impossible by his deeds.

We salute your Leadership spirit and Hats off to the way you handled the entire situation. We wish that the dream and vision you have for the state will turn into reality and you continue to take the state in a progressive path.

But the destruction of properties that was to happen has happened which is beyond any ones control and the loss is beyond measure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the place and declared immediate help of thousand crores and said that he would do everything possible to get the city back to normal.

Chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu acted like a leader and not a politician, he took charge of the things in Visakhapatnam, started coordinating people of various departments and made all the officials work and run along with the clock.
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