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Mar 21, 2013

Top 10 Tips to Climb the Career Ladder

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Career Ladder
Right from the beginning of the career, everyone has single aim that is to climb the career ladder and to reach the top position. But few become successful in pursuing this goal and many others just stay behind. Reasons may be many, but there are some ways which you can try to help yourself climb the ladder and reach the top. Let us check them out.

1. Know what you are good at and improve on those skills and talents. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, and try to better yourself in those areas where you are weak.

2. There has to be a destination for every journey, so, you need to be very clear about your goals and what you want to accomplish, and then get set go.

3. Never stop learning and upgrading yourself. These are the times when only those who can pace themselves with the changing trends and times can survive.

4. Always try to make friends with those who are more experienced and better than you professionally and personally. Because then you can learn so many things from them and move up.

5. Show interest in the work you do, don’t just do the work because you have to. When you start enjoying and loving the work you do. It reflects in your performance.

6. Mould yourself into a sort of person, whom people trust and can count on. People should feel motivated and better when they talk to you.

7. Today most of the jobs are accomplished on team basis and for you to better and prosper, it is equally important that your team also performs well. So, be a good team player, and mould yourself to the level that you are there for the team and the team is there for you. And together you can accomplish any task.

8. These are the days when professionally and otherwise, looks does matter. So, take good care of yourself, to keep yourself physically active.

9. To be an achiever doesn’t mean that you have to be always work focused. Take some time out to reboot and energize yourself, this will give you the strength to reach your goals.

10. Have broader and long term goals. Don’t just limit yourself to short term goals, dream big and as you progress make sure that those around you also progress and proper. Because that is the real definition of success.
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Feb 17, 2013

Best Tips for College Students to Choose Career

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Choosing the right career is very important decision in life. Sparing considerable amount of time for self introspection and to make the right choice is a very justified thing. A right decision in this direction will help you to choose a satisfying career and the kind of work you will enjoy doing a life time.

Following are ten tips that will help you to choose the right career.

  1. Know Your Talent or Hobby: You have talent or a hobby that you love doing and are good at. Then think of the careers associated with your skills, talents or hobbies. It has been proved again and again that people excel and achieve mastery in the kind of work they love doing. So, try turning your talent, skill or hobby into a career.
  2.  Know Your Work-style: You need to know if independent work career is good for you or supervisory and structured work environment is good for you. If you are self driven and self motivated independent work career is good for you or else if you need someone to guide you, motivate and to supervise then formal and structured work environment is good for you.
  3. Calculate and Move Ahead: According to the statistics of National Centre for Education, the cost of an undergraduate college education increased from 25 to 37 percent, between 2000 and 2010. So, asses the costs and think is it worth spending that much of money and your valuable time and then proceed. 
  4. Your Career = Your Financial Goals: If you want to go to a nearby place you can go in a bike, if you choose to travel more you need a train, you want to cross countries, you need a ship or a plane. In life also you should choose a career which can fulfill your financial goals. So, first asses how much income do you need to survive and to take care of family and then choose a career that will enable you to meet your financial goals. 
  5. Asses Your Social Life: If you are a person who loves mingling with new people and like to maintain relationships then sale and marketing or public relations are good for you. If you like working alone, and like minimum public contacts then you should map your own independent career path. 
  6. Talk and Walk the career: After choosing a career, talk with the people who already have experience in the same path and know the positives and negatives, if possible gain on the job experience. This will give you a practical experience of the real life situations.
Take your time and exhibit patience when choosing a career and make a right choice. Once you make a choice set some career goals and follow a plan to achieve those goals. Always keep one thing in mind, it takes time to build a career, your first job may not be your dream job or position. But, give it time and do your part, be consistent in your work and efforts and one day you will reach the top of the career ladder.
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Feb 12, 2013

Job Market: Best Career Options in 2013

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job market
Taking a decision to choose a career is not an easy one, especially in today’s time. There are some careers that have to face up and downs, and there are certain careers that are build to last.

For example careers related to computers have seen severe ups and downs in the recent years. So going along with the latest in the market is one strategy, when it comes to choosing careers, and focusing on the stable and lasting careers is another way.

If you are looking for a stable career check out these options, which we believe would good job option for the career aspirants: 

  • Public Relation Jobs: If you have skill at establishing and maintaining new relationships, then this one will be a option that you should count on. As a PR Person you will be required to prepare information for publication in the media. You will be responsible for maintaining your organizations image. Your role varies according to the organization you are working for and its requirements.
  • Software Developer: If you enjoy designing different computer apps, and love testing and developing software, then you can jump into this career. Software developers generally recommend software upgrades for existing programs, ensure that software continues to function through testing and maintenance, and collaborate with other computer specialists.
  • Nursing: If you have an appetite for service then this is the profession for you. With the number of hospitals increasing day by day, there is a great demand for nursing staff, and it will increase according to time. There are more number of working people who can’t take care of elderly people with health complications, so they opt for nurses. 
  • Company Secretary: Apart from the traditional tasks they are expected to do, company secretaries are now responsible to take care of corporate governance and even legal matters of a company. As a Company Secretary, you not only hold a high position in the management hierarchy but you also have a highly accountable role, both within and outside your organization. This position is in great demand in the job market and is lasting.
Check out on these options and choose the one that suites you and give flying wings to your career.
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Feb 8, 2013

Work From Home: Old Wine in New Bottle

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work from home
The boom in internet has changed the job culture, there is a full swing in favor of work from home across the globe. The concept was not too new for million of internet users, but the preference of option such jobs are on high demand.

There are many organization have been offering such kind of work from home jobs, those are suitable for many and they are earning handsome salary too.

If your planning to go one step ahead and join work from home jobs, then your deciding the best in your career. On the contrary, you need to thing more aggressively on the risk factors too.

Million of internet users so as frauds everyday. This post is to make aware you about the possible frauds, take more cautions for not getting into trouble once you opted for work from home jobs.

Judge the companies offering work from home jobs, just google about those companies, if you come across any complaint from any user, please do not have option to work with such companies.

Because, you could be the next target for such companies. If have experience any such in past, then please comment below the post, we will publish, so that others may not get into. 
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Dec 3, 2012

Advantages and Pitfalls of U.S STEM Immigration Reform Act

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Image Credit: WIBX950
Last Friday the House of Representatives at US Congress had shown a green signal to the most conspicuous STEM act with a partisan vote of 245 to 139. Among the 245, 218 are republican while 27 Democrats supported the bill. While 134 democrats voted against the bill with five more republicans support. As per STEM act, foreign students who have achieved highest degrees from USA universities in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math majors will be given Permanent Visa or Green cards to be permanent residents of USA. Well, when you hear it sounds actually good, but there are some pitfalls of this act. Let’s have a look:

  • Economic growth and job creation
  • American employers can hire talented foreign students who are previously turned down due to Visa issues and joined to other global competitors
  • Such green card holders will have the right to start companies and create more jobs
  • This green card can help the resident to bring their spouse or children permanently into U.S after they make 1 year in the green card wait-list
  • America will be the major hub for science and technology in future
  • To avail green cards for STEM graduates, STEM act will eliminate the diversity visa program or “green card lottery”, now available in US immigration law. As per the diversity program, each year USA government gives permanent visas or green cards through a lottery to 55,000 immigrants. Now with STEM act, these 55,000 DE-allocated green cards will be reallocated to STEM graduates.
  • STEM act excludes majors like Arts, Literature, Journalism, Business and Management which are now most of demanding subjects around the world.
  • India, Pakistan, China and several other countries don’t come up under the diversity program. So we really doubt whether these green cards will be available for students from these countries. 
  • Apart from the above, more than 50% of African immigrants to USA will be affected by STEM.
Criteria for PhD or Masters Degrees Qualifications
  • STEM graduates who have received a doctorate or a two years masters degrees from an eligible U.S. university in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences (other than biological sciences) are eligible for STEM green cards. Masters degree students will also have to have a college major with a STEM field.
  • Students who have completed their complete coursework (internet courses) in USA with a physical presence are eligible.
  • You’ll be eligible if you’re petitioned by an employer who has gone through labor certification and willing to hire you in case of insufficiency of American candidates
Know more about STEM act at U.S House of Representatives Site here.

What’s there for Indian Students in STEM act?

Well, the law is same for everyone and talented students who achieve masters or doctoral in one of the STEM fields are surely eligible for Green Cards. About the diversity program, India is not eligible to be a part of the program due to high immigration rates and also several other Asian countries are on the same side.
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Nov 6, 2012

In House Consultation

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Consulting our own team of people to make decisions is a very good thing to do, there are lot many advantages of doing so. Consultation by conversation is one method. In consulting by conversation you identify an issue that needs to be addressed, think about them, develop alternative solutions, explore them and come to a conclusion. The advantage is that you have others point of view and others expertise, so that we can look at the issue from all possible angles and arrive at the best possible solution.

Another way of in house consultation is appointing a consultative team. When you appoint a team, the team gathers information, whatever that is necessary, to address the issue and analyses it. We have a pool of expertise in consultative team; each person in the group has his own view point about the issue and his own unique set of solution. When all the persons sit together discuss and analyze the issue, it becomes easy to arrive at a solution. Here, we have a possibility of generating new ideas quickly. And when a solution comes from the team it becomes easy to gain commitment from them to implement the solution as well.

There are two ways of appointing a consultative team, one is team meeting and the other is brain storming session. In team meeting, each and every detail concerning the issue is taken out and discussed, to the core. For example if you have a team meeting on a issue, should Ram do this job or not, then the team will discuss, Ram’s qualifications, skills, experience and then the requirements of the job what kind of skill sets the job requires and if Ram has them, each and every point will be discussed in detail, and then they arrive at a solution or conclusion. The other way is brainstorm sessions, where in the members can express their point of view and after discussing with all we arrive at a solution.
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Oct 26, 2012

Top five tips to be a Perfect Manager

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Perfect Manager
The term manger himself dictates the role of a manager. One who has to mange himself, others and situations. There are various points that play a vital role to shape oneself into a perfect manager. Let’s look at few of those points.

1. Goals: When we set goals we know where we are heading to, if we are on the right track, and we have a chance to correct and progress. So, to be a perfect manger it is very important to set goals for yourself and for those working for you.

2. Praise: A good manger knows the value of the persons working for him and leaves no chance to praise them, whenever he gets one. As it is important for a manger to correct his staff, it is equally important to praise them for what they are worth, and they do. Because this leads to strengthen the relationship between them.

3. Criticism: Not a very good thing to do but becomes inevitable to get the tasks done. Whenever you want to correct the staff, you should allow the other person to know by your behavior and words that, your intention is purely to get the work done and not to criticize. And always praise the staff in front of everyone and correct them in private, in your cabin.

4. Explain: No one is born perfect in this world; we all learn what we learn from experience and by doing. So, don’t expect everyone to know everything, when the need arises, explain, to them as to what they have to do, how they have to do. A perfect manager knows this and so takes the trouble to explain.

5. Relationship: Last, but not definitely the least, a Perfect manager is one who knows the value of relationships, and is good at them. Managing people is managing relationships, one who is good at this, will definitely be good at his work. So, management and manager means managing people and managing relations with them.
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Aug 7, 2012

How to Choose Your Profession?

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Now a days we find lot of people taking professional courses, spending lakhs of rupees to educate themselves and to gain skill in a particular profession, but them when they are finished with the studies and jump into the practical field and start working in the profession they find it doesn’t suit them and they switch to other professions. Parents get disgusted, that after spending so much of money they are shifting to other profession, and start all over again from the scratch.

Person who has studied engineering five years or so ends up writing a bank exam and working in a bank, another one after having completed a doctor course ends up working as an IAS. This is matter where not only where money is wasted, but your precious time is also wasted. The root of the problem is when a student takes up a career, he is not aware of the practicality of the work place, or the job he is supposed to be doing after he is finished with the studies.

Studies are limited to books alone, and the practical situation is entirely different from the book. The best thing to do when you are about to choose a profession is to go and have a practical look at the, work place and the job what it feels like to work or do that job. How will be the time schedule, what will be the responsibilities, and duties associated with the job, who are the people to whom you will be accountable, and who will be accountable to you. If possible try and meet someone already in the profession, doing the job you are thinking to do.

Sit with them, talk to them about how they find the profession to be and its ups and downs, hear them, but make your own decision. Doing this will give you a practical idea, and you will be able to make right decision. This not only saves your money, but also your valuable time. It will be best to go for a counseling session with a professional, before you decide on choosing a profession. Don’t get into something because there is money in it, take a look at your capabilities, your talents, and choose a profession which you are passionate about, and want to excel in it.

Success is being able to do what you love, and get paid for it.

Ryan C. Lowe

So, go ahead dear friends and make a choice, right choice, and have a great and bright future.

All the best

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Jul 10, 2012

Start your preparation for Integrated Management Program (IPM) at IIM Indore

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Press Release

10 July 2012, Indore: The countdown has begun. The dates of the Aptitude test for the admission in 5 Year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) by Indian Institute of Management Indore is coming near very fast. It is the time to give another thrust to your preparations and plan your strategy for coming with flying colors in the first Aptitude test for the most prestigious course by the best Management Institute in India.

A premier training Institute for IPM, MIIM is providing free information about the course and its entrance exam pattern. Mr. Atul Malikram, Mentor, MIIM tells the reporters, “The 10+2 students have a golden opportunity to start the journey of a great career in the best Management institute of India. Now they don't have to wait for the completion of their graduation to enter a prestigious institute like IIM. The decision to launch an integrated program in Management (IPM) came to fill the gap of demand and supply of trained management professionals. This course is designed to give them the intensive knowledge of Management principles, which they can apply to set new milestones in the market.”

This five year residential program will develop essential skills in candidates through the subjects- Math, Statistics, History (Both Indian and World), Literature, Political Science, Biological Sciences, Languages (one foreign and one Indian), Finance, Accounting, Economics and Information Technology. The institute will offer international exposure to candidates by providing the facility of internship at social organizations.

"Any candidate, who has completed his or her 10+2 education, can now take admission in Indian Institute of Management to complete post graduation in Management," says Mr. Atul Malikram "As this the first batch and exams are very near therefore the candidates will have a benefit of less competition. If they make a winning strategy through a perfect counseling, they can turn the fate in their favor easily."

The candidates will be admitted to this course based on their performance in an aptitude test scheduled to be organized on 12 August 2012. The selected candidates in this Aptitude test go through an interview. The final list of selected candidates will be prepared on the basis of their performance in aptitude test and interview.

Aptitude test will be organized on 12 August 2012 and selected candidates will be called for personal interview on 1-2 September 2012. The classes will commence from 1 October 2012 after the registration at IIM Indore Campus on 28 September 2012.

The students can get free information about the eligibility criteria and test pattern at MIIM Indore.

MIIM equips students with necessary information so as to enable them to prepare better than others. The unique teaching methodology at MIIM will help them to create a niche for themselves and perform better than others.

The application form for the entrance test can be availed from, the website of IIM, Indore. The last date for submission of completed application forms is 20 July 2012.

About MIIM:

MIIM, an Indore based premier institute offering management and PR education to young minds, has forayed in to providing training and coaching to students aspiring for IPM. This study center has a distinguished reputation of helping students to achieve their career goal through expert counseling and intensive training. It has unique teaching methodology so as to help students to get maximum information through least efforts. It has 50 information centers across the country to provide expert counseling for 5 year integrated program in Management (IPM) by IIM, Indore. It works on Premium Business Partner model so as to spread the benefits of its new approach to education to maximum number of students across the country.

To get information and expert counseling for 5 year integrated program in Management (IPM) by IIM, Indore, contact:

Counselor, MIIM
Mob: 09755020247
Website: & www.

Media can collect more information from:
Ritu @ 9827092823

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Jul 5, 2012

Capgemini Wins Major IT Application and Infrastructure Services Deal with Bayer Business Services

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Press Release

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Wednesday, July 04, 2012 -- (Business Wire India) -- Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and Bayer Business Services, recently signed a contract for the provision of IT services from India. Bayer Business Services is the global competence center for IT and business services of the Bayer group, a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials, headquartered in Germany. The contract includes global application development and services, as well as infrastructure services including service management and will run over a period of five years. Under the terms of the contract Capgemini will take over the operations of Bayer Business Services' captive IT service center in Mumbai, India, with approx 550 employees. The contract was signed between the legal entities Capgemini Deutschland GmbH and Bayer Business Services GmbH.

During an intensive tender process Capgemini was selected as sole provider out of a range of Indian and global competitors due to its ability to provide a strong solution for offshore services in India through its Rightshore® delivery model, together with a holistic HR solution and its industrialization and rationalization approach. Capgemini will support the global business units of Bayer Business Services by supporting the 120,000 IT users of the Bayer Group worldwide, with a global team primarily from India but also with local support from Germany, USA, Brazil and China.

Stephan Gerlich, Country Group Head, Bayer in India said, "This is a win-win scenario for both the companies. Our employees will benefit enormously from Capgemini's range of services and portfolio mix to further their scope of activities. Capgemini, being a global leader in its field will give them the opportunity to enhance their skills and expertise. We feel very enthusiastic and positive with this new milestone, especially since our talented IT staff will continue to service Bayer Companies in the future as well."

"We are excited about our strategic partnership with Bayer and welcome the 550 transferring team members to the Capgemini family. The Bayer team come with vast business and IT sector knowledge and will support our growth ambitions and transformational programs in India and globally. Our business expertise, global delivery capabilities and our ability to understand the Bayer way of operating all contributed to this successful partnership." Aruna Jayanthi, CEO, Capgemini India.

About Capgemini India

Capgemini in India is more than 37,000 people strong across 7 cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Delhi). A pioneer in the IT industry, Capgemini has over 43 years of global expertise collaborating with leading corporations and now brings the Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing experience to India. With dedicated teams to service the local markets, Capgemini has strong domain experience to assist clients across the Government and Public Sector, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Telecom and Financial Services sectors and help them advance in their respective industries. Please visit for more details.

About Capgemini

With around 120,000 people in 40 countries, Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Group reported 2011 global revenues of EUR 9.7billion. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM, and draws on Rightshore ®, its worldwide delivery model. Learn more about us at

Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini

Merrin Netto John, Capgemini India, +91 (22) 66860500,

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May 7, 2012

EPF accounts number portability soon

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) will reportedly have the number portability of EPF accounts for its subscribers. This will help the employees to hold their old account to continue in case they change jobs/employers.

Of late, 44 million employees' provident fund are active out of total 95.31 million accounts. The major reason said to be with the changing jobs employees have been creating new provident account, closing the previous account.

After the online tracking of provident fund account, the number portability will be in favor of employees as they no need to create new accounts every time they change jobs.
This will also reduce their hassles to withdraw fund from the old account while creating a new account.

According to media reports, the EFFO has also been working to link the provident fund accounts with permanent account number (PAN) or National Population Registry or the unique identity (UID) number.
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Dec 9, 2011

Job Market: Infosys to hire 10k staff in 2012

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Job Market: Good news for the job aspirants as Infosys Technologies the IT company in India hire ten thousand staff in  2012, according to media reports. The job market may not be under pressure of global recession in 2012.

The IT major to open a development center at Rajarhat near Kolkata in West Bengal by next year. The information and technology companies may hire more staff in 2012. It is also expected that the economic slowdown may weaken by next year and there would be good prospect for job aspirants in India.

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Nov 14, 2011

MIIM offers many facilities: Atul Malikram

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Indore(Press Release): Malikram Institute of Image Management (miim) is one the pioneer pubic relation (PR) institutes in India. The institute has vision to fulfill the dream of PR aspirants and making their career a successful one with assuring 100 per cent placement assurance.
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Aug 29, 2011

Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2011

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The Union Public Service Commission will be conducting the Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2011 at 41 Centres throughout the country on 18.09.2011 (Sunday). Admission Certificates to the candidates have been dispatched.

Letters of rejection to the candidates stating reason(s) for rejection have also been issued. If any applicant has not received any of the above mentioned communication, he/she may contact UPSC Facilitation Counter on Telephone Nos.011-23385271, 011-23381125, or 011-23098543 on working days. The candidates can also send FAX Message on Fax No. 011-23387310.

Information regarding venue of the examination is also available at the Union Public Service Commission’s website at The eligible candidates who have not received the Admission Certificates may download the “Venue Information” from the above mentioned website and use is for appearing in the examination.

The candidates intending to appear in the examination using downloaded “Venue Information” are advised to carry three identical photographs (each photograph for each session), otherwise they may not be allowed to take the examination. They should also carry proof of their identity such as Identity card, Election Identity Card, Driving License etc. to the venue of Examination.

Source: PIB (Press Release)
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Aug 25, 2011

Steve Jobs quits as Chairman of Apple

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Steve Jobsn the head and chairman of the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL; NYSE: AAPL; previously Apple Computer, Inc.) has resigned.

The impact was seen on the stocks of the Apple which fell around seven percent in the US stock market - New York Stock Exchange as Jobs quit the role of chairman.

It is expected that the stocks in the technology sector might see another plunge. Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs was one of the founders of Apple apart from Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula in 1970s.

After the announcement, the share of Apple and the Walt Disney Company where Jobs serves as director fell heavily at the stock market.
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Aug 10, 2010

Fortune Magazine’s - Best Companies to Work (2010): Top 10 Companies for Job Growth

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Economic slow down had struck the job market last year. The job market has been recovering from the impact of the global slowdown. Companies have adopted cost cut, job cut, and even lay-off in order to keep them and their financial status in tact during the global slowdown. But this year, the job growth is high and companies have been hiring. The Fortune Magazine has listed 100 best companies for registering impressive job growth rate. Here we have listed top 10 companies in US for job growth.

1. Scooter Store : The SCOOTER Store is America's leading supplier of scooters and power chairs for people with limited mobility. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas. The company has registered 51 per cent job growth rate and employees around 2,173 staff. The company ranks 38 in the list of 100 best companies to work, compiled by Fortune Magazine.

2. J. M. Smucker : Smucker is a leading marketer and manufacturer of fruit spreads, retail packaged coffee, peanut butter, shortening and oils, ice cream toppings, sweetened condensed milk, and health and natural foods beverages in North America. The company has registered job growth of 44 per cent and employees around 4,521. The company ranks 47 position in the list.

3. Brocade Communications Systems : Brocade is extending its proven data center expertise across the entire network with future-proofed solutions built for consolidation, network convergence, virtualization, and cloud computing. Brocade ranks 61 position in the best companies to work list and its recorded job growth of 39 per cent.

4. Scottrade : A leading online brokerage firm, Scottrade offers a full line of investment products, online trading platforms and market research tools to help investors take control of their financial future. Scottrade ranks 27 in the list of 100 best companies to work and registered job growth of 22 per cent. Scottrade has employees strength of 2,409.

5. : The Foundation is based on a simple idea: Donate 1% of’s resources to support organizations that are working to make our world a better place. The Salesforce ranks #43 in the list, registered job growth rate of 21 per cent, and employees strength is 2,361.

6. Chesapeake Energy : Chesapeake today leads the new natural gas industry that focuses on discovering massive new reserves of unconventional natural gas. Cracked the technological code in plays such as the Marcellus, Haynesville, Barnett, Fayetteville, and Bossier shales. Chesapeake ranks #34 in the list, registered job growth rate of 20 per cent and employees' strength is 7,720.

7. Scripps Health : Scripps Health is a nonprofit, community-based health care delivery network in San Diego, California. Scripps Health ranks #40 in the list, registered job growth of 15 per cent and employees around 11,444 employees.

8. DreamWorks Animation SKG : DreamWorks Animation SKG is devoted to producing high-quality family entertainment through the use of computer-generated (CG) animation. DreamWorks Animation SKG ranks #6 in the list of best companies to work for 2010. It registered job growth of 13 per cent and employees strength is 1,825. In 2009, DreamWorks Animation SKG was ranked at 47.

9. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta : Children’s is the largest Medicaid provider in the state, serving eight out of 10 pediatric inpatient Medicaid cases in Atlanta and four out of 10 statewide. Children’s ranked 74 in 2010 and in 2009 it ranked 67. Children’s has registered 13 per ent job growth and 6,536 employees.

10. Booz Allen Hamilton : Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consulting firm, works with clients to deliver results that endure. Booz Allen Hamilton has ranked #52 in the list of best companies to work in US, compiled by Fortune Magazine. The company has registered 13 per cent job growth rate and 21,303 employees.

Source : Here
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May 21, 2010

Top 10 Job Search Sites for Job Seekers

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There are plenty of job sites those can show you the way to some vacancies. With the help of these sites and internet proper usage, your resume can land at the proper place. Many other job portals and sites have the premium services for the job seeks, they show the best reference - vacancies for fewer amount of fees.

If the job seekers are ready to ease their pocket money, there are many sites interested to boost their candidature before suitable employers. Nevertheless, all paid services can't be take for granted. Here we have come up with a list of top 10 job portals for the job seekers in India.

  1. Monster India : The punch line is 'Right Job. Right Here'. Monster is the most popular job site in India. It has build the brand and job seekers believe in it. Founded by Jeff Taylor in 1994 and its a Flagship Brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc.
  2. : is one of the leading job site in India .Founded by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in March 1997.The site was established in 1997 by a listed company Info Edge (India) Ltd. It provides common platform to companies and job seekers.
  3. : is run by a group of professionals who have vast experience in Human resource management, Web design and development, Software development, Internet marketing and Web hosting. is a directory of Indian Job sites for job seekers to find a job in India.
  4. :, is the fastest growing and most innovative Indian job portal. The punch line is "If you have a resume/reason, we have the job". It had achieved the distinction of becoming India's No.1 recruitment portal in India in April 2007.
  5. : is the leading e-recruitment business focussed on the Indian market, now it was acquired by It is the only Indian site with 3 Million job seekers. The site was founded by Alok Mittal in 1999.
  6. : It is the fastest and best way to change your career or help to change someone else's future. It is a user friendly premier job provider in India. Employers have to follow simple step for job posting and job profiles search.
  7. : offers more than just jobs. The character of a company is shaped by time. A living entity in numerous ways, it evolves, transforms and widens perspectives with time. ClickJobs, another success story from Perspi Interactive Pvt Ltd. Perspi Interactive Pvt Ltd is a division of Consim Info Pvt Ltd (formerly the Bharatmatrimony Group).
  8. : Gaurav Jain is Chairman and founder of the job portal. YuvaJobs is a Complete Portal for Freshers and Experience Candidates. It is an exclusive career website and platform for all types of freshers in India.
  9. Naukri Hub : This is the only platform where a surfer can find any kind of job relevant to his profile. Where as is a site "Where Opportunities Never Stop Knocking". It brings you opportunities in various fields.
  10. : Last but not least, is also one of the major job portals in India. The sties has more popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand.
  11. Bonus: is a job search engine for India (English). In one simple search, Careerjet gives job seekers access to a huge selection of jobs that are sourced from various internet sites, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually.
These job portals are very useful for the job seekers and they can track the current opening and vacancies of various companies.
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Apr 15, 2010

Companies are hiring, Good Prospect for Job Seekers

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In the job world, of late many companies are hiring candidates. The impact of the global downturn on the job market is also most over. Aspirants can now get chances to get into big, and major companies. The companies in India as well as in the world are hiring for their projects, which were said to be pending due to the global slowdown last year. There are many opportunities in the market for job seekers.
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The hiring activity by India companies has been increased by 15 per cent as comparing the hiring rates of previous year in the month of March. The ITES( IT-enable services), Insurance companies have been hiring maximum candidates and these two sectors have been offering good job opportunities in India.
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Mar 18, 2010

Facebook To Hire Indian Workers : InformationWeek

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Business News Network, India

New Delhi : The InformationWeek has reported "As more and more people share and connect on Facebook, we are growing our operations and teams to support them around the world," said Don Faul, Facebook's director of global online operations, in a blog post.

It's good news indeed for the Indian professionals those want to go into the social media industry. Facebook is of the major social networking site across the globe and too popular in India. Hope the social media industry would bring more and more employment opportunities into India and Indian students and aspirants can get the best job in this arena.
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Jan 12, 2010

SBI plans to hire 27000 staff; may open more branches

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Business News This Week: The State Bank of India (SBI) is reportedly planning to recruit around 27 thousand staff and according to media reports the SBI may also open many new branches. This really a good news for the students those aim to associate with banking career.

Students across India have been trying to crack the banking exams. The job options with SBI are given priority by the banking aspirants. Most of the banking students always try to appear the probationary officer exam and also most them try to crack the clerical exam. Clearing any exam of SBI is the first priority for the aspirants. In the meanwhile, the news about fresh recruitment is a great deal for the banking aspirants.
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